Cochise College Athletics
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Thanks for your interest in the Cochise College baseball program. Athletes who want to know more about joining the team should fill out this questionnaire.
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Cochise College coaches determine scholarship amounts and offerings based on evaluations of talent and consideration of available resources. In addition, other scholarships, grants, waivers, loans and work-study arrangements are possible through the Cochise College Financial Aid Office. All prospective student-athletes should complete and file the Family Financial Aid packet to determine whether they qualify for financial assistance.

The Apache baseball team begins its fall program in late August, and it runs until the week before finals in December. The fall schedule includes tryouts, practice, intrasquads and up to a 20-game fall schedule. A Red vs. White World Series concludes the official fall season in December. The spring schedule consists of 56 games, 38 of which are ACCAC conference games. Non-conference games are played against out-of-state teams from California, New Mexico, Texas, Utah, Nevada, Kansas, Iowa, Illinois and Washington.