Cochise College

CATALOG 2015-16

Administrative Support Staff

Rosalia Acuna; Systems Analyst (2000)

Cochise College, A.S.

Gabriela Amavizca; Academic/Career Advisor (2011)

Cochise College, A.A.

Western New Mexico University, B.B.A.

Marisol Arenivas; Director, Residential/Student Life (2012)

Sul Ross State University, B.A., M.A., M.Ed.

Jesus Arzaga; Assistant Coach, Men’s Baseball (2013)

Central Arizona College, A.G.S.

Regis University, B.A.

Tasneem Ashraf; Director, Virtual Campus (1999)

University of Punjab, Pakistan, B.S.

Quaid-I-Azam University, M.S.

University of Arizona, M.S.

Amy Baker; Academic Advisor Military Programs (2015)

Knox College, B.A.

Northern Arizona University, M.A.

James Barrows; Assistant Director, Maintenance/Operations (2012)

University of Idaho, B.S.

Naval Postgraduate School, M.S.

Ben Berry; Director, Center for Teacher Education (2003)

Northern Arizona University, B.S., M.Ed.

Byron Berry; Associate Director Facilities/Maintenance (1997)

Cochise College, A.A.

Katja Biggs; Credentials Evaluator (2011)

Bavarian State Exam, B.A.

American Public University System, M.A.

Colton Bjerke; Academic/Career Advisor (2015)

Northern Arizona University, B.S.

Mark Boggie; Assistant Dean, Student Services (2007)

University of Arizona, B.S.

University of Phoenix, M.A.

Carla Boyd, Director, Disability Services (2014)

University of Northern Arizona, B.S., M.Ed.

Belinda Burnett; Director, Aviation Programs (1988)

Cochise College, A.A.S.

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, B.S., M.S.

Angelita Bustamante; Academic/Career Advisor TRiO (2014)

Cochise College, A.G.S., A.B.A.

University of Arizona, B.S.

Sandy Bryan; Dean, Institutional Effectiveness (1993)

University of Arizona, B.S.

Western International University, M.B.A.

Diane Carpenter; Systems Analyst (2004)

Chemeketa Community College, A.S.

Robert Carreira; Director, Center Economic Research (2003)

Austin Peay State University, A.A.S.

St. Leo University, B.A.

Troy University, M.P.A., M.S.F.E., M.S.I.R.

Walden University, Ph.D.

Charles Carter; MOS Credentialing Coordinator (2015)

Cochise College, A.A.S.

Ashford University, B.A.

Arturo Chacon; Sonoran Student Recruiter (2001)

Instituto Technologico de Sonora, B.A.

Alicia Chaouchi, Adult Education Technology Instructor (2014)

University of Florida, B.A.

Hebrew University of Jerusalem, M.A.

University of Arizona, M.A.

Debbie Chavez; Database Administrator (1994)

Cochise College, A.A.

Marguerite Conners; Student Success Manager (1996)

Northern Arizona University, B.S., M.Ed.

Brad Dale; Adult Education Instructor (2015)

Cochise College, A.G.S.

University of Phoenix, B.S.

Karen Dale; Director, Continuous Improvement (2014)

University of Arizona South, B.S.

Capella University, M.S.

Joanne Darbee; Cooperative Education Academic/Career Counselor (1996)

State University of New York, B.A.

University of Arizona, M.A.

Andi DeBellis; Student Government Advisor/Activities Manager and Recruiter (2014)

Georgetown University, B.S.

Randy Denney; Director, Occupational Health/Safety (2013)

Olivet College, B.A.

Rebecca Dorman; Writing Lab Coordinator (1998)

Northern Arizona University, B.S.

Mark Dottle; Director, Fort Huachuca (2004)

Cochise College, A.G.S.

Western International University, B.A.

Rhonda Douglas; K-12 Technical Preparation Specialist (1996)

Cochise College, A.A.S.

Cossetti Durazo; Accountant (2009)

Cochise College, A.B.A.

Western International University, B.S.A.

Frank Dykstra; Executive Director, Facilities Management/Planning (1989)

West Texas State University, B.S.

Shelli Echave; Director, Administrative Computing (1996)

Southern Arkansas University, A.A.S.

Karen Emmer; Director, Financial Aid (2010)

Weber State University, B.S.

Colorado State University, M.Ed.

Lourdes Estrada; Director, Procurement Services (2009)

Cochise College, A.A.

Melissa Faglie; Academic/Career Counselor (2007)

Cochise College, A.A.

Sul Ross State University, B.A., M.Ed.

Alexandra Felton, Librarian (2011)

California State University, B.A.

Simmons College, M.L.I.S.

Anita Franklin; Bursar (1997)

Charles Frisco; Coach, Women’s Soccer (2013)

Wichita State University, B.F.A., M.F.A.

David Gage; Director, Finance/Controller (1995)

Taft College, A.A.

University of Arizona, B.S.

Gabriel Galindo; Academic/Career Advisor Nogales (2013)

University of Phoenix, B.S.

Yvonne Gauch; Academic/Career Advisor (2010)

Broward Community College, A.A.

Florida Atlantic University, B.A.

Candace Gilles-Brown; Teacher, Adult Education (2005)

University of Minnesota, B.A.

Sharon Gilman; Director, Center Lifelong Learning (2008)

St. Edward’s University, B.A.

Texas State University, M.P.A.

Cynthia Gobel; Assistant Director, Finance (1983)

Cochise College, A.G.S.

Sheri Gonzalez; Payroll Manager (2007)

Art Institute of Pittsburgh, A.S.

Jennifer Graeme; Director, Talent Management (2013)

New Mexico State University, B.A.

James Hall; Dean, Student Services (1983)

Cochise College, A.A.

Grand Canyon College, B.A.

University of Arizona, M.Ed., Ed.D.

Lisa Hauser; Academic/Career Advisor (2014)

Cochise College, A.G.S.

Wayland Baptist University, B.S.

Bryan Homrighausen; Academic/Career Counselor (2014)

Colorado Christian University, B.A.

Northern Arizona University, M.Ed.

Tabitha Hopper; Academic/Career Counselor (2014)

University of Arizona, B.S.

Grand Canyon University, M.S.

Charles Hoyack; Dean, Liberal Arts (1988)

University of Arizona, B.A.

Northern Arizona University, M.Ed.

Denise Hoyos; Executive Director, Foundation/External Affairs (2001)

Indiana University of Pennsylvania, B.A.

Western International University, M.B.A.

Ron Hyde; Technology Support Coordinator (2008)

Cochise College, A.A.S.

Lamar Innes; Assistant Athletic Trainer (2014)

Brigham Young University, B.S.

California Baptist University, M.S.

Josefa Jacques; Academic/Career Advisor (2003)

Northern Arizona University, B.S.

Celia Jenkins; STEM Pathway Coordinator (2013)

University of Tennessee, B.S.

Star Jermyn; Assistant Director, Nursing (1997)

Thomas Jefferson University, B.S.N.

University of Phoenix, M.S.N.

Matteus Johnson; Assistant Coach Women’s Soccer (2015)

University of Minnesota, B.A.

University of Northern Colorado, M.A.

Hannah Jones; Science Lab Coordinator (2012)

Cochise College, A.A., A.S.

University of Arizona, B.S.

Kelly Juvera; Nursing Lab Assistant/CNA Instructor (2013)

Cochise College, A.G.S., A.A.S.

Beth Krueger, Dean, Math, Science and Health Sciences (2014)

University of Tampa, B.S.

University of Rochester, M.S.

University of Texas – Austin, Ph.D.

Jennifer Lakosil, Director, Nursing/Allied Health (2006)

University of Arizona, B.S.N.

University of Texas Medical Branch, P.N.P.

University of Phoenix, M.S.N.

Michelle Landis; Controller (2014)

Arizona State University, B.S.

Lizabeth Lillard; Academic/Career Advisor (2001)

Community College of Denver, A.A.

Metro State College, B.S.

Tom Lehr; Student Success Coach (2013)

University of Wisconsin, B.S.

United States International University, M.A.

Elizabeth Manring; Public Information Officer (2011)

University of Missouri, B.J.

Robyn Martin; Director, Marketing & Communications (2015)

Art Institute of Seattle, A.A.

University of Maryland University College, B.A.

American Public University System, M.B.A.

Rosa McPherson; K-12 Student Support Specialist (2005)

Universidad de Sonora, B.S.

El Colegio de Sonora, M.S.

Cheryl Mead; Testing Services Specialist (2005)

Cochise College, A.A., A.S.

University of Arizona, B.A.

Joshua Meeker; EMS Program Coordinator (2013)

Cochise College, A.G.S., A.A.S.

Grand Canyon University, B.S.

Maina Mentz; Web Administrator (2009)

Brookdale Community College, A.S.

Rutgers University, B.S.

Guy Meyer; Assistant Coach, Men’s Basketball (2011)

Fort Lewis College, B.A.

New Mexico Highlands University, M.A.

Angela Moreno; K-12 Outreach Specialist (2009)

Northern Arizona University, B.S.

Grand Canyon University, M.Ed.

Lenore Morrell; Database Administrator (2005)

University of Phoenix, B.S.

Susan Morss; Director, Adult Education (2012)

Beloit College, B.A.

Eastern New Mexico University, M.E.

Robert Mucci; Business Analyst (2011)

University of Michigan, B.S.

University of Utah, M.P.A.

Diane Nadeau; Curriculum Coordinator (2002)

Rivier College, B.A.

Middlebury College, M.A.

Boston University, Ph.D.

Tracey Neese; Systems Analyst (1997)

Cochise College, A.A.S., A.G.S.

H. Sue Neilsen; Director, Nogales Center (2003)

University of Arizona, B.A., M.Ed.

Linda Nichols; Benefits Manager (2015)

Northern Arizona University, B.S.

James Nosek; Program Director, Respiratory Therapy (2012)

College of the Desert, A.A.

California State University, B.A.

Marisela Nunez; Director, Correctional Education (2014)

University of Arizona, B.S.

Cochise College, A.A.

Tetima Parnprome; Librarian (2009)

University of Southern California, B.S.

Simmons College, M.L.S.

Gilbert Parra; Director, Network/Enterprise Services (1994)

Cochise College, A.A.S.

University of Phoenix, B.S.

Philip Patton; Instructional Media Services Manager (1989)

Cochise College, A.A.S.

Nancy Potenza; Adult Education Teacher (2008)

University of Arizona, B.A.

Holly Prince; Credentials Evaluator (2006)

Cochise College, A.A.

Stacy Putz; Credentials Evaluator (2015)

California State University, B.A.

American Public University, M.Ed.

Debra Quick; Registrar/Director, Admissions (1997)

Austin Peay State University, A.A.S., B.S.

Oscar Ramirez; Data Analyst (2009)

Cochise College, A.BUS. A.A.

University of Arizona, B.S.

Tonya Randolph; Academic/Career Advisor CTEPS (2010)

University of Arizona, B.S., M.S.

Renee Rhodehamel; Academic Support Coordinator (2008)

Arizona State University, B.A.

Barbara Richardson; Director, Benson Center (2010)

Wayland Baptist University, B.S.O.E., M.B.A.

Bruce Richardson; Dean, Business and Technology (2002)

New Hampshire College, B.S., M.B.A.

Keith Ringey; Print Services Coordinator (2007)

Nanette Romo; Director, Counseling and Advising (2004)

Cochise College, A.G.S.

Western New Mexico University, B.S., M.A.

Adela Sanchez; Clinical Coordinator Respiratory Therapy (2014)

Pima Medical Institute, B.S., A.A.S.

Nicolas Santos; Athletic Trainer (2013)

Seton Hall University, M.S.

California State University East Bay, B.S.

Gary Schasteen; Professional Tutor/Instructor (2013)

Pierce Community College, A.A.

Pacific Lutheran University, B.S.

University of Washington, M.S.

Mark Schmitt; Director, Small Business Development Center (2008)

University of South Dakota, B.S.

University of Phoenix, M.B.A.

George Self; Dean, Extended Learning (2000)

Missouri Valley College, B.S.

Troy State University, M.S.

Irene Semeniuk; Research Programmer Analyst (2008)

William Paterson University, B.A.

Colin Shannon; Recruiter/Academic Advisor (2012)

Eastern Michigan University, B.S.

Jennifer Shiver; Academic Advisor Military Programs (2000)

Cochise College, A.A.G.S.

Wayland Baptist University, B.S.

Ana Smith; Lifelong Learning Program Coordinator (2009)

Excelsior College, B.S.

University of Nebraska, M.P.A.

Lynn Smith; Assistant Coach, Rodeo (2012)

Central Wyoming College, A.A.

Debra Soto; Business Analyst (2015)

Cochise College, A.G.S.

Western International University, B.S.

Eric Stiemert; Math Lab Coordinator (2007)

Cochise College, A.S.

Northern Arizona University, B.S.

Elizabeth Stoddard; Aviation Marketing/Recruitment Specialist (2014)

City University of Seattle, B.S., M.B.A.

Stephanie Thomas; Instructional Designer (2014)

University of Arizona, B.S.

University of Phoenix, M.A., M.A.

Sharon Townsend; Director, Testing Services (2000)

West Virginia State College, B.S.

Frank Villaseñor; IT Systems Administrator (1998)

Cochise College, A.A.

Phoenix Institute of Technology, A.A.

University of Phoenix, B.S.

Jennifer Wantz; Facilities/Events Coordinator (2009)

Niagara County Community College, A.A.

University of Buffalo, B.A., Ed.M.

John Walsh; Director, Library Services (2005)

University of Arizona, B.S., M.L.S., Ph.D.

Daviyonne Weathersby; Assistant Coach, Women’s Basketball (2013)

California State University, B.S.

Richard Whipple; Graphics Designer (2006)

Miami University, B.F.A.

Adam Woodrow; Assistant Director, Virtual Campus (2011)

Indiana University of Pennsylvania, B.A. M.A.

Debra Wright; Science Lab Manager (1989)

Northern Arizona University, B.S.