Cochise College

CATALOG 2015-16

Admission to the Allied Health Programs

Admission to Cochise College does not guarantee acceptance into the college’s allied health programs, as enrollment is limited and frequently there are more applicants than can be accepted.

You must apply for admission to the allied health programs and take the appropriate entrance exam. The deadline for submitting an application to the nursing program for the fall semester is usually March 1 and is available in the Nursing Office or on the Cochise College website. The appropriate entrance exam should be taken prior to the fall semester of expected admission.

Contact the Nursing / Allied Health Department for additional information regarding criteria for regular admission, for special admission to enter second semester freshman courses, for admission by LPNs (licensed practical nurses) and LVNs (licensed vocational nurses).

The Arizona State Board of Nursing denies licensure to individuals with a felony conviction who have not been fully discharged five years prior to applying for a license. Drug screening and fingerprint clearance cards are required for enrollment in the nursing program. Contact the Nursing / Allied Health Department or the Arizona State Board of Nursing for information regarding this regulation.