Cochise College

CATALOG 2015-16


Students living in the residence halls (excluding family housing) are required to participate in the food service plan as provided by the college. Students withdrawing from the college may be eligible for a meal plan refund, prorated on a weekly basis, up to four weeks after the start of the fall/spring term. Students enrolled in only a first or second eight-week term will be charged a prorated meal plan rate of 50 percent of a full 17-week meal plan. Departing eight-week only students are eligible for refunds, prorated on a weekly basis, up to two weeks after the eight-week term begins. Any refund exceptions to this policy must be made in writing to the Dean of Student Services and must contain the rationale for the request along with any documentation requested by the dean. Requests for exceptions to this policy will not be accepted by the dean after 15 working days from the departure of the student.