Cochise College

CATALOG 2015-16


College Level Examination Program (CLEP)/Defense Activity for Non-Traditional Education Support [DANTES] Standardized Subject Test (DSST)

Cochise College accepts both the general and the subject examinations of the CLEP/DSST for college credits provided satisfactory scores are attained. Scores of 50 or above on all general examinations will entitle you to six credits in each of the five general examinations: English composition (with essay), humanities, mathematics, natural sciences (not to include credit for laboratory science requirements) and social sciences. CLEP scores and credit for foreign languages will be accepted based on institutional policy.

You must complete at least one Cochise College course before credit may be granted for CLEP/DSST. Credit earned under CLEP/DSST may not be used toward the 16 resident hours required for a degree. Three to 16 credits, depending upon the examination, may be earned by scores of 50 or higher on the subject examinations. Contact the Testing Center for a list of tests available and the corresponding number of credit hours.

If you take CLEP/DSST examinations, duplicate credit will not be awarded in subjects at the same level. You will not be awarded credit through CLEP/DSST for courses equivalent to, or at a lower level than, other courses you have already taken through formal course work. For further information, refer to policy 3006.3 Non-Traditional Education Credit at

You may earn up to 30 credits of college credit by taking CLEP/DSST examinations. However, credit granted by Cochise College does not obligate any other college or university to accept such credit. Contact the Testing Center for testing arrangements.