Cochise College

CATALOG 2015-16

Credit by Examination

Cochise College offers credit by exam for many courses. Credit by exam is useful when you wish to demonstrate your prior knowledge by testing out of a course. You must register for those courses in which you wish to establish credit by exam.

You must meet the following criteria to be eligible to request credit by exam:

  1. Be currently enrolled at Cochise College
  2. Have successfully completed 12 credits at Cochise College
  3. Have completed an application for credit by exam
  4. Have obtained the approval of the instructional dean and appropriate faculty member of the department
  5. Have met required prerequisites, if any, established by the department
  6. Have paid a non-refundable fee per credit. If consumable materials are used in the exam, an additional fee will be charged.

If you qualify, you will take the examination prior to the last day to add classes in a given semester or prior to an alternative date established by the department. To earn credit by exam, you must receive a grade of C or higher.

You may not apply for credit by exam if you have:

  1. Received college credit in a higher-level course.
  2. Previously challenged the course.
  3. Previously enrolled in the course and received a failing grade.

You may challenge only those courses numbered 100 or above.

Credits and grades earned will be computed into your grade point average but may not be used to fulfill residency requirements or to meet VA or financial aid requirements for determining benefit status. Only full-time faculty or designee may administer credit by examination.

You may apply for credit by examination by obtaining an application form from the instructional department offering the course. Permission and signatures from the appropriate instructor and instructional administrator are required.