Cochise College

CATALOG 2015-16

Education for Underprepared Students

All new students should take the college placement test prior to registration in order to determine their skill levels in reading, writing and mathematics. Students will receive assistance from an advisor in selecting the courses needed to prepare them for college-level work.

If your placement scores indicate the need to enhance your skills in the areas of reading, writing or mathematics, you will be placed in the appropriate college prep courses. Students with gaps in their academic backgrounds or who have grown rusty in one or more of these areas will find the college prep courses are designed to bring basic skills up to the necessary level for optimum college performance.

College prep courses are numbered 099 and below. Although these courses count toward meeting full-time status for financial aid purposes, college prep courses cannot be used to meet graduation requirements. The college offers a variety of services to help students, including tutoring, career planning and counseling. For more information visit the Student Development Center.