Cochise College

CATALOG 2015-16

Grading System

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Grade Point Average (GPA)

Grade Reports

Grade Change

Grade Definitions - Grades are earned in each course and recorded on your permanent record. Grade definitions are as follows:


The highest academic grade possible; an honor grade which is not automatically given to a student who ranks highest in the course, but is reserved for accomplishment that is truly distinctive and demonstrably outstanding.


A grade that denotes achievement considerably above acceptable standards and mastery of course materials.


Indicates a satisfactory degree of attainment and is the least acceptable standard for graduation from college or additional studies within the discipline. This grade implies completion of the minimum outcomes identified in the course curriculum.


Denotes a limited understanding of the subject matter; meeting only the minimum requirements for passing the course. This grade will not transfer to another institution of higher education nor is it acceptable for additional studies within the discipline.


Indicates inadequate or unsatisfactory attainment, serious deficiency in understanding of course material or failure to complete requirements of the course.


Withdraw. Indicates a withdrawal from the course up to five calendar days prior to the start of finals.


Incomplete. Indicates that for a justifiable reason, such as a serious illness, you failed to complete all requirements for the course. The instructor has the option of issuing an I rather than an F. When this happens, the instructor submits a grade of incomplete to the Registration Office. You must make up an incomplete during the succeeding semester (or other time frame if required by an outside agency) or the grade is changed from an I to an F on your permanent record unless there is a contract extension on file in the Registration Office. The grade of I is not computed in your GPA.


Audit. Registration and fee policies for auditing a course are the same as those for registering for college credit. However, the instructor will give priority to students registering in the course for credit.*


In Progress. Indicates that the course has not been completed at the time the grade rosters were issued.


Pass. Indicates that you have done C or higher work in a class taken for pass-fail.


Fail. Indicates that you have earned a D grade or failed in a class taken for pass-fail.

*You cannot audit a class that is designated as a pass/fail class. If you audit classes, you will not receive grades or credit. The instructor will not require audit students to take examinations or hand in assignments. If you register as an auditor, you may not change to a credit basis later than Friday of the second week of the semester. If you register for credit, you may change to audit up to five calendar days prior to the start of finals. The drop/add procedure is used to effect such changes.