Cochise College

CATALOG 2015-16

Intelligence Operations Studies

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Intelligence Operations Studies - Associate of Applied Science (Major Code - IOST)

Contact an advisor at the Fort Huachuca Center regarding the following areas of concentration:

Common Ground Station Operator

(Major Code - IOST/CGSO)


(Major Code - IOST/CI)

Electronic Intelligence Analyst

(Major Code - IOST/EIA)

General Intelligence

(Major Code - IOST/GIO)

Ground Surveillance Systems Operator

(Major Code - IOST/GSO)

Human Intelligence Collector

(Major Code - IOST/HIC)

Imagery Analyst

(Major Code - IOST/IMA)

Intelligence Analyst

(Major Code - IOST/IA)


(Major Code - IOST/LIN)

Military Intelligence Systems Maintainer

(Major Code - IOST/MISM)

Morse Interceptor

(Major Code - IOST/MI)

Multi-Sensor Operator

(Major Code - IOST/MSO)

Signal Collector Analyst

(Major Code - IOST/SCA)

Signals Collection/Id Analyst

(Major Code - IOST/SCIA)

Signals Intelligence Analyst

(Major Code - IOST/SIA)