Cochise College

CATALOG 2014-15

Placement Assessment

Initial placement assessments are free to students during the year. Cochise College uses Accuplacer for placement assessments. Students can make an appointment for placement testing with the campus testing office or center of your choice. Visit the Testing Center webpage at

The purpose of the Cochise College assessment process is to:

1. Help correctly identify existing skills and knowledge in reading, English and mathematics.

2. Recommend a course(s) of study in which you may reasonably expect to achieve academic success.

The college requires students to take the placement assessment using the Accuplacer test in the areas of English, reading and mathematics prior to meeting with an advisor and registering. You should test if you are:

• Planning to register for a course with an English or mathematics prerequisite.

• Seeking a degree and have completed seven or more credits at Cochise.

Placement assessment may be waived under the following conditions:

• if you provide a transcript or diploma showing completion of an accredited associate or higher degree with completed prerequisite coursework

• if you are a transfer student whose official transcripts show completed coursework in a corresponding subject with a grade of C or higher

• current (two years or less) SAT, ACT, ASSET, and COMPASS scores may be submitted for course placement consideration

The advisor will use information (e.g., transcripts, assessment results and other evaluative data) to place you in courses consistent with your level of preparation. If you are a student studying at a distance, contact your academic advisor for information concerning off site placement testing.

Students who request entrance to a course for which they do not meet the established academic skill prerequisites may request a waiver of advice under college Policy 3004.