Cochise College

CATALOG 2015-16

Prop. 300/Tuition Assessment

Cochise College has revised its registration procedure for credit classes to comply with requirements of Proposition 300. Approved by Arizona voters in November 2006, Prop. 300 requires verification of eligibility for in-state tuition rates for U.S. citizens and qualifying legal immigrants.

The law does not prevent anyone from enrolling at Cochise College. It does require that students who are not citizens or legal residents pay out-of-state tuition rates. The law further states that persons who are not citizens or legal residents are not entitled to tuition waivers, fee waivers, grants, scholarship assistance, financial aid, tuition assistance, or any type of financial assistance that is subsidized with state monies.

A list of qualifying documents to verify eligibility for in-state tuition are available online. Visit Prop. 300 at the admissions section of the Cochise College website.

Documentation can be returned to any of the college’s Admissions and Registration Offices. All documentation should be scanned/emailed to the attention of the registrar to or Call 800-593-9567 for more information.

Each applicant shall have legal residency determined prior to the time of registration and payment of fees. It is your responsibility to register under the correct residence determination. Enforcement of residency requirements and regulations are the responsibility of the Cochise College president.

Appeal of residency interpretation or judgments rendered by the college administration shall be handled through appeal channels as established by the district governing board in accordance with the Arizona Revised Statutes, which determine classification for tuition purposes.