Cochise College

CATALOG 2015-16

Student Complaint Log

All complaints directed to college personnel by students are considered important and will be addressed by the respective employee, department and/or office personnel pursuant to Policy 4008 ("Student Grievances and Due Process"); however, only formal, written student complaints, including those sent by email and filed with the offices of the college president or the vice president for instruction/provost by current students, are considered official complaints.

Official complaints are documented, investigated, their resolution and/or disposition noted, with a record of such complaints maintained for no less than two years. Students and institutional personnel are advised that information about these official complaints will be shared with the college’s accrediting agency, the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association; however, individual identities of students will be shielded without the express permission of said complainants. The complaint log is reviewed on an annual basis by the vice president for instruction/provost, who ascertains whether the complaints follow any particular pattern and whether special intervention, direction, and/or staff development is needed to mitigate subsequent complaints or address problems with institutional quality.