Cochise College

CATALOG 2015-16

Student Development Center

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Learning Support (Tutoring)

Placement Assessment

The Student Development Centers (SDC), located on the Douglas and Sierra Vista campuses, coordinate several key services designed to support learning: academic advising, counseling, testing, tutoring, and career information/co-op learning.

Counselors and advisors assist students in defining, planning and achieving success. This collaborative effort results in the students’ taking responsibility for the attainment of their educational, personal, social and career goals.

The Cochise College counseling staff is available in the SDC to assist you in developing decision-making skills and personal strengths that allow you to help yourself. Problems of adjustment related to academic, personal or social areas are not unusual. Counselors are available to assist you during regular business hours.

Counselors and advisors can assist you in defining your educational and career goals; planning a program of study for transfer and/or direct employment that incorporates your interests, abilities and career objectives; and can direct you to other college resources.

A coordinated effort by Cochise College counselors and advisors provides all students with assistance throughout their academic experience. Students are encouraged to visit with an academic advisor or counselor to establish a course of study, ensure progress toward completion and receive academic support prior to having problems with class work or schedules.