Cochise College

CATALOG 2015-16

Student Identification Number

Disclosure of social security numbers to Cochise College is voluntary and not required by either statute or regulation.

Disclosure and use of social security numbers will aid in matching current and future academic records with any past records, ensuring that full credit is received for all academic work completed at Cochise College. If students decline to provide a social security number opportunities for claiming tuition on taxes will not be available through the American Opportunity and Lifetime Learning Credits (Form 8863).

Students, faculty and staff are assigned individual identification numbers – not identical to their social security numbers – during the admission and/or hiring processes. The student identification number, which you will receive in the mail or by email when you apply for admission, shall be used to obtain all services provided by the college. Your social security number may still be required for some services, such as financial aid and reporting education tax credit information to the federal government.