Cochise College

CATALOG 2015-16

Tuition and Fees

All fees may change as approved by the Cochise College Governing Board. Consult the Admissions Office, the Business Office or the college website at

All students must have sufficient funds to defray their immediate expenses at the time of registration. All fees are payable as the final step in the registration process. Cochise College accepts checks or credit card payments for the total amount due for tuition and fees.

Past due accounts may be turned over to a collection agency. You, as a delinquent student, will be liable for any collection/attorney fees incurred.

Consult the class schedule for specific registration and payment dates. In the event a check is returned unpaid by your bank, you may be assessed a service fee and dropped from all classes. You may also be dropped from all classes if fees are not paid in full on or before dates indicated. All remaining charges must be paid in full prior to any future registration.

A textbook vouchering system is available for students in vocational rehabilitation, veterans’ vocational education and other qualified veterans.

Note to Financial Aid Students: When financial aid has been approved and applied to your account, any credit balance will be refunded to you. Any amount unpaid after the financial aid has been applied will be due and payable by the student.