Cochise College

CATALOG 2013-14

Welcome to Cochise College

Dear Students,

This is a photo of Dr. Rottweiler.

Choosing a college is a very important decision. This catalog provides information to help you determine how the mission, programs and services at Cochise College can assist you in achieving your academic and career goals.

Since it opened in 1964, Cochise College has endeavored to be a student-centered institution. Responses from a recent perception survey indicate that is one of our greatest strengths. At the individual level, we value our role in building the future of Cochise County, Arizona and the nation. Our part in that future is tied to the success of every student who passes through our doors; the influence of Cochise College resounds across the globe through the success of its graduates.

At every step in your Cochise College experience, faculty and staff are committed to your future. However and wherever you are enrolled, know that Cochise College is dedicated to providing you with the services you need to succeed. An accessible advising and counseling staff is on hand to further discuss and guide you on the policies and procedures, program requirements and course descriptions published here. Once you are enrolled, you also will have access to technology that can help you explore how changes in your academic plans may impact completion of your program and commencement of the next step toward your goal.

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about us, and let me be among the first to welcome you to Cochise College.


J.D. Rottweiler, Ph.D.

College President