Nursing AAS Degree

Why a Nursing Degree at Cochise?

Cochise College Nursing Program’s mission is to educate individuals to provide for the current and future healthcare needs of individuals, families and populations. Our program is accredited by the Accrediting Commission for Education in Nursing and the Arizona State Board of Nursing. The program offers expert instruction, modern equipment, and a wide variety of clinical experience in hospitals and agencies throughout Cochise and Santa Cruz Counties.

Upon completion of the second year, students receive an Associate of Applied Science degree and are eligible to take the State Board of Nursing examination to be licensed as a registered nurse (NCLEX-RN).

Completion of the program does not guarantee passing the state board examinations.

The nursing program teaches you practical skills and offers hands-on experience through a combination of lectures, laboratories, and clinical assignments. Clinical sessions may be scheduled on weekdays, weeknights or weekends at hospitals and health agencies across Cochise and Santa Cruz counties. Lectures are provided on the Sierra Vista Campus one day a week with labs held on the Douglas, Sierra Vista, Benson and Santa Cruz campuses. Students provide their own transportation to lecture, lab, and clinical assignments.

Cochise Nursing Program

Cochise College’s nursing program is one of the best in the state of Arizona.

2 Fall Semesters

2 Spring Semesters

Associate of Applied Science  69

Apply to the Nursing Program

All new students  must complete an application for admission to Cochise College. Admission to Cochise College does not guarantee acceptance into the Nursing Program.

Mandatory Pre-Nursing Advising

All Pre-Nursing Student must attend the Mandatory Pre-Nursing advising meeting. Meetings are scheduled throughout the coming year.

Nursing Application

Submit the application below together with the waiver of licensure.

Challenge Process

Submit the application below together with the waiver of licensure.

Big enough to explore

and small enough to care.

Apply to Cochise


  • Review Program Fees & Curriculum (PDF)
  • Review admissions criteria (PDF)
  • Submit official transcripts
  • Submit copy of official fingerprint clearance card. Sample Fingerprint Application (PDF) and Sample Finger Print Card (PDF)
  • Send all via registered mail no later than 4 p.m. March 1 of application year
  • Entrance Exam
    Once your application packet and all required accompanying documentation have been received by the Cochise College Nursing Department, you will be mailed information on the entrance exam date, times, and location(s). The exam is given to test your basic comprehension of math and reading. The exam score that you receive is available for use for two years (the current year and the next year). The Cochise College Nursing Department reserves the right to require minimum essential math skills and reading comprehension scores for admission to the nursing program.
  • Review the 2015 to 2016 Program Manual (PDF)


Pre-Requisite Semester (Fall/Spring Semester- 17 credits) – $1,309.00

13 Credits

Program Cost (In-State Student) Costs
Lab / Clinical Fee $300
SIM Lab Fee $150
Malpractice Insurance (per year) $40
 Testing Fees $200
Nursing Uniform $100
Drug Screening Fee $65
13 Units x $77/unit $1001

13 Credits

Program Cost (In-State Student) Costs
Lab / Clinical Fee NUR 123/NUR 124 $300
SIM Lab Fee $300
Testing Fees $275
13 Units x $77/unit $1001

12 Credits

Program Cost (In-State Student) Costs
Lab / Clinical Fee $150
SIM Lab Fee $150
Malpractice Insurance (per year) $40
Testing Fees $200
12 Units x $77/unit $924

14 Credits

Program Cost (In-State Student) Costs
Lab / Clinical Fee $150
SIM lab Fee $150
Testing Fee $200
ACLS $100
14 Units x $77/unit $1078

In addition, the cost to test for and receive a LPN license is approximately $500