Professional Learning Council

The goal of the PLC is to improve the number of students that select mathematics and engineering as career options and to improve the success rate of students pursuing these options.  The PLC is setting up systems to collect data about student performance which will then be used to suggest improvements.

These improvements will be piloted and assessed for impact.  This group will be in a good position to address issues that impact students as they transition from one educational level to the next.

Directory of syllabi for Introduction to Engineering courses.

PLC Members

Ronda L. Frueauff Facilitator
Blais Cross Ray Borane Middle School Mathematics Faculty
Brian Haag Village Meadows  Elementary School Mathematics Faculty
Celia Jenkins, support Cochise College STEM Pathway Coordinator
Christen McCracken General Myer Elementary Mathematics Faculty
Craig Hopper Buena High School Mathematics Faculty
Dan Matchette Tombstone High School Mathematics Faculty
Freddie Rubang Douglas High School Mathematics Faculty
Jennifer Martell Smith Middle School Mathematics Faculty
Kandi Kimpelman Huachuca City Middle School Mathematics Faculty
Katie Tinnell Joyce Clark Middle School Mathematics Faculty
Kim Galarneau Palominas School District Mathematics Faculty
Kristy Ritter Cochise College Mathematics Faculty
Lisa Marable Palominas School District Mathematics Faculty
Melinda Escarcega Buena High School Mathematics VP
Sandee Trevino University of Arizona-South
Steve Roark Cochise College Mathematics Chair


 Supported by:

K-12 STEM Opportunities
Ben Berry

Science, Engineering and Math Programs
Beth Ann Krueger, PhD

Computer, Aviation and Technology Programs
Bruce Richardson
  • Science Foundation Arizona
  • National Science Foundation
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