The STEM Internship/Employment Program

The Cochise College STEM Internship/Employment program is focused on providing Cochise College students in STEM academic studies to engage in meaningful work in local industries in STEM related jobs through internships or employment.  The Cochise STEM program:

  • Develops the next workforce generation
  • Strengthens collaborative partnerships with local organizations
  • Integrates students into the organizational culture
  • Enhances Cochise College’s vision of student success leading to constructive citizenship, meaningful careers and lifelong learning

Internship Opportunities:

Internships are a classic win/win for everyone involved as the intern gains valuable work experience while expanding their resume.  Students develop soft skills which can’t be taught from a textbook including interviewing skills, corporate culture, teamwork, dress code, professional behavior, how effective meetings are run, and results oriented expectations. A successful internship should encourage a student and confirm their chosen field of study. The employing company benefits with an inexpensive temporary employee and a potential new employee. These skills become the clear discriminator when students are later competing for employment.

Employment Opportunities:

Cochise College students are placed in meaningful employment with industry partners demonstrating their academic knowledge and professional skills.  Employment opportunities provide a gateway to student success in the community strengthening our local economy.  Employing companies influence the college’s curriculum, certificate programs, and further fine tune the qualifying criteria for interns.   Companies influence a student’s life while building a greater sense of community partnering with the college.

Qualifications and Process:
After being recommended by college faculty, STEM students will be interviewed by the Cochise College STEM Coordinator.  The Coordinator will assist in resume writing, interviewing skills, and job searches.  STEM students must have a minimum 3.0 GPA and be in good standing at the college.

Cochise College receives valuable feedback concerning the types of courses or certificate programs local industry seeks, the caliber and character of potential candidates as well as precipitating industry good will.  The more contact Cochise has with local industry, the more proactive the college can be in preparing students for later employment.  This in turn provides higher placement statistics.

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