Graduation Application

Students should not apply until they are in their last semester of course work and all of their transcripts have been reviewed. 

Congratulations! You’re nearing graduation.

Cochise College holds one formal commencement ceremony per year in May. If you graduate during the preceding summer or fall, you will be listed in the commencement program and may participate in May commencement. Students filing for graduation after Friday April 5, 2019 will not have their name listed in the May 2019 commencement program. Apply early to ensure your name appears in the program.


Important Information:
If your name has changed since being admitted to Cochise College please be sure to contact admissions at to update it. The name we have in our system is the name printed on your diploma.
Please provide a permanent mailing address to mail your credentials to. If your address changes after applying for graduation, please contact the Graduation Technician at and Admissions at with the updated address to receive your credentials and complimentary official transcript.

If you have questions concerning the status of your diploma please email

2018-2019 Graduation Information



  • Degree Candidates for the current academic year may choose to participate in the annual graduation ceremony. Commencement will be held on May 15, 2020 on the Sierra Vista campus for August 2019, December 2019 and May 2020 graduates.  Students must apply and meet with a counselor/advisor for a complete graduation check on or before April 3, 2020.  Any student applying for May 2020 graduation after this date runs the risk of not being included in the commencement program and graduate in the next term. Online students will complete their graduation check via online.


  • Commencement information packets will be mailed to all August 2019, December 2019 and May 2020 applicants by April 17, 2020. If you do not receive a packet by April 24th, please contact Counseling & Advising at 417-4038, 515-5483 or 800-966-7943.


  • By policy, students completing or having completed associate degree requirements or needing 12 or fewer credits to complete the degree requirements must apply for graduation as per the deadline date. Students who have not completed the associate degree requirements may walk in the graduation ceremony but will not receive a diploma until they have completed all degree requirements.  In addition, those students who are designated as August or December graduates in the following academic year will not have their name listed in the commencement program.  Those names will be printed in the following year’s commencement program.


  • Red caps and gowns can be purchased from the campus bookstore for approximately $47.00. Call the  bookstore at 458-0262 (SVC) or 364-9294 (DC)


  • Commencement invitations may be purchased through the business office (SVC) 515-5416 (DC) 417-4076 beginning approximately in February





  • All address changes must be reported to the Student Development Center (520) 515-5483 and Admissions and Registration (520) 515-5336 in order to receive your diploma/certificate and important information pertaining to graduation in a timely manner.


  • Please note the following mailing dates of diplomas:


  • August graduates will receive their diplomas no later than November 30th.
  • December graduates will receive their diplomas no later than March 31st.
  • May graduates will receive their diplomas no later than August 31st.


All grads will be mailed a complimentary copy of their transcripts when the degree is posted, prior to the mailing of diplomas.

Steps to Apply

When you have finished the survey, you will be automatically directed to the graduation application. Allow adequate time to complete the entire process in one sitting. Do not submit this survey more than one time.

Multiple degrees: Upon submission, you will be directed to a blank graduation application. Complete this form again if you are applying for multiple degrees or certificates.

Make sure:

  • Your diploma will be printed using your legal name. Please use your legal name when filling in the form.
  • The address you submit is where you want your diploma mailed
  • All information is accurate

If you are unsure of the degree type you are pursuing or any other information asked for, consult an academic advisor or counselor.

Once you have completed the graduation application, you will need to contact an advisor to request a graduation check. All students, on campus and online, must make an appointment with an advisor or counselor to be eligible to graduate.

  • Douglas Campus One Stop: (520) 417-4038
  • Sierra Vista Campus Student Services: (520) 515-5483
  • Online:

Order your red cap and gown for the 2019 Commencement ceremony in the Campus Store for $47.52. Caps and gowns will not be provided by the college.

You can also purchase graduation invitations for family and friends at the Cashier’s/Business Office for $1.00 each.

If you have student loans, complete your exit interview in the Financial Aid Office.

  • Douglas Campus: (520) 417-4045
  • Sierra Vista Campus: (520) 515-5417