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Agronomy is the science of soil management and crop production. Nutrients and conditions needed to grow green chiles may not be good to grow corn. Agronomists assist farmers and ranchers to determine what nutrients and conditions specific crops need to be most productive.

The agronomy program at Cochise will capture the diverse agricultural products specific to Cochise County such as chile production/processing, pecan farming, viticulture, pistachio orchards and dairy production.

Students will gain hands-on experience by working with local community partners to learn processes unique to Cochise’s dry and arid landscape like sustainable use of natural resources, range management, crop science and
crop consulting.

Department Office |
Sierra Vista, AZ 85635 | (520) 515-5418

Hands-on experience in agricultural fields.

Agronomy Instructors

Sebesta, Paul |
Douglas Campus | (520) 417-4117 or (520) 417-4011

Associate Degree  4 Semesters

Certificate 2 Semesters

Associate Degree  64

Certificate 21

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