Cyber Center

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What is the Cochise College Cybersecurity Center?

The Cochise College Cybersecurity Center serves as a starting point in exploring cybersecurity activities and educational opportunities at Cochise College. The Cochise College Cybersecurity Coordinator, Dan Guilmette, is the primary contact for information regarding the Center.

Cybersecurity Programs

Our Associates of Applied Science (AAS) degree allows students to gain technical skills in a variety of areas to include network security, computer forensics, and scripting.


  • Dan Guilmette
  • Mike McLain
  • Thomas Ransford
  • John Westermann

Cyber Outreach

Cochise College cyber outreach activities include supporting Cochise County middle and high schools with training and competition support for the Air Force Association’s CyberPatriot national youth cyber defense competition (website), as well as a separate end of year competition called the Cochise College President’s Cup (website).