Why English at Cochise?

Although most students equate an English degree with a teaching career or writing the next great American novel, the versatile English degree is essential to any career.

The ability to write effectively, whether it is a report, a manual or a short note, is held at a premium in today’s workforce. In addition, all academic disciplines require a certain measure of writing proficiency to ensure the successful attainment of their degree programs. Therefore, an English degree is valued in any career path, be it academic or vocational.

The Associate of Arts degree in English is designed to provide the English major with a strong foundation in written communication, literature, and general education, enabling transfer with junior standing to all Arizona public universities and many others. To ensure seamless transfer, students must develop their specific program of study in close coordination with a Cochise College advisor. English Department courses include, but are not limited to, composition, creative writing, technical writing and literature.

Department Chair | Ceci Lewis | lewisc@cochise.edu

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English Program Instructors

Canez, Denisse
Douglas Campus | GEN/1147
(520) 417-4123 | canezd@cochise.edu

Coyle, Mary
Sierra Vista Campus | COM/714
(520) 515-5499 | coylem@cochise.edu

Lewis, Cecelia
Sierra Vista Campus | ART/411
(520) 515-5448 | lewisc@cochise.edu

Martin, Kevin
Sierra Vista Campus | S-ART/414
(520) 515-5435 | martink@cochise.edu

Melito, Ella
Sierra Vista Campus | ART/415
(520) 452-2612 | melitoe@cochise.edu

O’Brien, Kevin
Douglas Campus | GEN/1138
(520) 417-4086 | obrienk@cochise.edu

O’Meara, Alexander
Santa Cruz Center
(520) 287-5583 | omearaa@cochise.edu

Rivers Norton, Jana
Santa Cruz Center
(520) 377-3249 | nortonj@cochise.edu

Treiber, Jay
Douglas Campus | GEN/1137
(520) 417-4765 | treiberj@cochise.edu

Welch, Kristen
Sierra Vista Campus | ART/416
(520) 515-5315 | welchk@cochise.edu

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