Awards & Recognitions

Awards & Recognition

Each staff and faculty member contributes to the college’s mission, vision and values- to make a positive impact in the lives of our students, colleagues, and community. The employees who exemplify this the most are nominated by their peers and supervisors in various ways; through the college and with national organizations.

Hall of Fame recipients

Faculty Emeriti

Cochise College recognizes the profession of teaching as a lifetime commitment for many members of its faculty. Although retired from full-time participation, these individuals continued to make many more contributions to the education process.

In recognition of their continued contributions as well as rewarding their
exemplary past service, Cochise College awards emeriti status to following retired faculty members.

Mr. William Akins (2004)
San Francisco State University, B.A.
Kansas State University, M.S.

Mr. Richard Atkinson (2011)
Kansas State College, B.S.
Kansas State University M.S.

Mr. Norman Bates (2018)
United States Military Academy, B.S.
University of Massachusetts, M.A.

Ms. Martha Bordelois (2015)
Máximo Gorki Foreign Language Institute, B.A.
University of Havana, M.S.

Ms. Ruth Britton (2012)
Concordia Teachers College, B.A.
Kansas State University, M.S.

Mr. Donald Campbell (2003)
San Jose State University, B.A.
Stanford University, M.A.

Dr. John Doty (1996)
University of Southern California, A.B., M.S.
California State University at L.A., M.A.
University of Michigan, D.A.

Ms. Faye Douglas (2009)
Wheaton College, B.A.
Eastern New Mexico University, M.A.
University of Arizona, M.A.

Ms. Mildred Galliher (2006)
University of Arizona, B.S., M.S.

Dr. Joe Gilliland
University of Texas, B.A., M.A.
Arizona State University, Ph.D.

Mr. George Huncovsky
University of North Dakota, B.S., M.S.

Dr. Donald Johnson
San Francisco State College, B.A.
Los Angeles State College, M.A.
Arizona State University, Ph.D.

Mr. Albert Kogel (2014)
University of Arizona, B.F.A, M.F.A.

Dr. Charles LaClair (2005)
University of Florida, B.S., B.A.
University of South Florida,
M.B.A. University of Arizona, Ph.D.

Dr. Claudia LaClair (2005)
University of Arizona, B.S, M.Ed., Ed.D.

Mr. Ray Levra (2001)
Montana State University, B.S.
University of Oregon, M.F.A.

Ms. Catherine Lincer (posthumous, 1997)
Colorado State University, B.A.
University of Denver, M.L.S.

Ms. Alicia Malik (2002)
Wayne State University, B.A.
University of Michigan, M.A., M.B.A.

Mr. M. David Meeker (2002)
University of Arizona, B.A., M.Ed.

Dr. Karen A. Nicodemus, President Emeritus (2010)
John F. Kennedy College, B.A.
University of Nebraska, M.P.E., Ph.D.

Mr. Lee Oppenheim (1999)
University of New Mexico, B.A.
University of Phoenix, M.A.

Mr. Chuck Perry (2013)
University of Denver, B.S.
The American College, M.S.M.

Mr. David M. Pettes (2018)
Duke University, B.A.
Emory University, M.A.T.

Dr. Dan Rehurek
University of South Dakota, B.S.
University of North Colorado, M.A.
Nova University, Ed.D.

Mr. E. Gene Riggs (2004)
Oklahoma State University, B.S., M.Ed., M.S.

Mr. Harold Robison (2005)
Troy State University, B.S.

Mr. Bill Saathoff (posthumous, 2009)
Cochise College, A.A.S., A.A.

Dr. Mary Lee Shelden
Phoenix College, A.A.
Northern Arizona University, B.S.
University of Arizona, Ph.D.

Mr. Monte Surratt (2015)
University of Arizona, B.F.A., M.F.A

Dr. Mark von Destinon (2013)
University of Arizona, B.A., M.Ed., Ph.D.

Mr. Thomas Waddoups
University of Idaho, B.S.
Arizona State University, M.S.

Mr. Roger Weller (2012)
Wayne State University, B.S.
University of Arizona, M.S.

Dr. John (Jack) Ziegler (2006)
Seton Hall University, B.A., M.A.
University of Connecticut, Ph.D.

Hall of Fame Members

The Cochise College Hall of Fame honors former students (individuals, teams or groups), faculty/staff and community leaders who have made a major contribution to the mission and goals of Cochise College, or who have contributed in a significant way to the lives of others after being a part of the Cochise College community. Honorees have demonstrated a deep connection to Cochise College, or have made a substantial contribution to the college through personal time, effort and interest.

Frank Adams (2017)
Richard “Dick” Atkinson (2017)
Mark Battaglia (2016)
Charles Bloomquist (2015)
Matthew Borowiec (2018)
Ruth Britton (2017)
Cordelia “Cordy” Cowan (2017)
Andrea Cracchiolo (2015)

Doris Dees (2015)
Dr. Charles DiPeso (2018)
Dr. John Eaton (2015)
Dr. Joe Gilliland (2015)
Jan Guy, ’76 (2015)
Dr. James “Bo” Hall, ’71 (2015)
Charles Hoyack (2018)
George Huncovsky (2015)

Dr. T.C. Johnston (2015)
Ken Jones (2015)
Don Kimble ’70, (2017)
Hector Leon Sr. (2015)
Raymond Eugene Levra (2016)
Dr. Karen Nicodemus (2015)
Dr. Joanna Michelich, ’68 (2015)
Lee Oppenheim (2018)

Sammie Howard Paschal, ’80 (2018)
Dave Pettes (2015)
Dr. Dan Rehurek (2015)
Maj. Harold “Robbie” Robison (2017)
Dr. Mary Lee Shelden (2016)
A.R. Spikes (2015)
Dr. George Spikes (2015)
Albert Velasco (2015)
Roger Weller (2015)

NISOD Excellence Award Recipients

NISOD logo

The National Institute for Staff and Organizational Development (NISOD) Award is connected with the College of Education at the University of Texas at Austin, which holds an annual conference for those selected by their institutions to attend. Employees are nominated by their peers for their service to students, their departments, the college and the community.

*served on committee

*Christi Charters (2014)
*Marguerite Conners (2015)
*Edmund Priddis (2015)
*John Walsh (2015)
*Barbara Richardson (2016)

Melesa Ashline  (2017)
Steve Roark (2017)
Karen Emmer (2018)
Angela Garcia (2018)

Achieved Classified Excellence (ACE) Award

Employees are nominated and selected by their peers for their work as team members, interactions with students, leadership and initiative, committee participation, mentorship and work on special college projects. All set a positive example for other employees.

2017 Awardees

Shannon Gahn
Angela Jackson
Terry Ortiz
Jack Petty

2016 Awardees

Janet Cramer
Edna Elias
Laura Lengel
Martha Skinner

2015 Awardees

Loretta Mountjoy
Leticia Cuevas
Luis Grijalva
Martin Fuentes

2014 Awardees

Diana Acosta
Pam Caster
Stella Martin
Carmen Morales

2013 Awardees

Ron Hyde
Patricia Leyva
Catalina Ortiz
Karly Scarbrough

2012 Awardees

Elma Mossor
Sylvia Prado
Daniel Del Rio