Running Start FAQs

Is the program only for A students or those in advanced classes?

No. Not having above average grades would not necessarily disqualify a student. However, students who are interested in a Running Start program but have not shown the ability to readily take responsibility for school success should think very carefully about taking on the additional challenges of college-level courses. The Running Start program is designed for students who are serious about getting a head start toward their career goals and are ready to put in the effort to do so.

I know that the career I want requires a four-year degree from a university. Won't community college just be a waste of time and money?

Actually, the opposite is true. Nearly all the credits earned in the Running Start Program will transfer to Arizona’s state universities and elsewhere and count toward lower-division requirements. Cochise College is a cost-effective way to complete basic college requirements. Because some universities or specific state university departments have specialized requirements for admission or graduation, students should check with the program(s) into which they plan to transfer.

What is the cost?

Students enroll at Cochise College and pay the normal per credit tuition plus registration and technology fees each semester. Information about fees is available in the catalog. In some cases, financial help is available through college sources. Because there are several factors involved, financial considerations will be explained in your interview prior to enrolling.

Can all area high school students participate?

The program is open to all Cochise County high schools, however, transportation to and from the Sierra Vista Campus is the students’ responsibility.

Can I still participate in after-school activities and be in the Running Start Academy?

Running Start classes are offered in the afternoon, so participation in after-school activities would need to be planned around your schedule of classes.

Will I have time to complete my high school graduation requirements?

Students receive reverse credits for Cochise College courses, which satisfy high school graduation requirements and also earn college credits.