Why Mathematics at Cochise?

If you love mathematics and want to pursue a career where you can use math every day, then an associate of science offers a great foundation for many different career fields. Math develops analytical and problem-solving skills that can be used in a variety of occupations.

The Mathematics Associate of Science degree prepares students for transfer to a university program in mathematics, computer science, or natural sciences. To ensure a seamless transfer, students must develop their specific program of study in close coordination with a Cochise College advisor.


Department Chair | Steve Roark |

Math Degree Pathway

The math degree from Cochise offers a great pathway to university

Mathematic Program Instructors

Dorman, Randall
Sierra Vista Campus | LCC/1229
(520) 515-5473 |


Garcia, Angela
Sierra Vista Campus | LCC/1243
(520) 515-4508 |


Jones, Patrick
Sierra Vista Campus | LCC/1244
(520) 515-5341 |


Krueger, Barbara
Douglas Campus | GEN/1121
(520) 417-4071 |


Melito, Matthew
Douglas Campus | GEN/1149
(520) 417-4116 |


Ritter, Kristy
Sierra Vista Campus | LCC/1246
(520) 515-3629 |


Roark, Steven
Douglas Campus | GEN/1144 | (520) 417-4078
Sierra Vista Campus | SCI/1122 | (520) 515-5442


Rogalski, Kim
Sierra Vista Campus | SCI/1114
(520) 515-5325 |

Sanders, Susan
Douglas Campus | GEN/1146
(520) 417-4103 |

2 Fall Semesters

2 Spring Semesters

Associate of Science  64

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