Every year, Cochise College students engage their curiosity in the pursuit of knowledge. Inspired by dedicated instructors, students share their research in high-quality research papers submitted at the end of a course. The research produced through Cochise College classes should be shared for the purpose of inspiring our growing, active research communities, and for the purpose of recognizing the many facets of academic excellence that characterizes the work we do here.

The Pinnacle is an interdisciplinary journal that showcases a select set of high-quality research papers authored by students at Cochise College. We especially encourage students who have completed work for an honors project to submit their papers for consideration. The Pinnacle also publishes the Phi Theta Kappa research projects from the Sierra Vista and Douglas campuses.

Submissions are collected in the fall and then blind-reviewed by a committee of Phi Theta Kappa students and Cochise College faculty and staff each spring. The journal is published digitally by the end of the spring semester.

We are looking for papers from: Business, Computer Science, Health Sciences, History, Administration of Justice, Engineering, Sociology, Art, Anthropology, Biology, Education, English, or from any program at Cochise College!


A student (not an instructor) should submit his or her research paper that earned an A or B in a course for consideration. Students should properly format their work in either APA or MLA style, and all papers should have a list of secondary sources used. These papers should be between 8-15 pages in length.

If a research paper includes a picture, it should be included in the research paper to show proper placement, but the picture should also be submitted separately in a jpeg file.
Submissions are due March 31st. Click here to submit your work.

Other Information

Students will be notified of acceptance or rejection by May 31st. Some students may be asked to revise prior to publication.
All work will be edited prior to publication.
Please submit your work no later than March 31, 2020. Late submissions will not be accepted.

For questions, please contact:

Kristen Welch

Jenn Wantz


The Pinnacle, Vol. 1, no. 1, 2020 and PTK Video