Transfer Out Programs

Transfer Out Programs

Partnerships with all three Arizona four-year universities allows for a seamless transfer to U of A, ASU or NAU. And because of articulation agreements with a number of other universities, students can guarantee many transfer credits. Those universities can be found below.

Each transfer program has specific instructions regarding curriculum and transfer procedures. Visit with an advisor to best plan your study program to meet the requirements of other institutions.

Transfer to State Universities in Arizona

General information about transferring courses to state universities is available online through the Arizona Course Equivalency Guide website (CEG). Students attending Arizona public community colleges can see how their coursework will transfer to Arizona State University, Northern Arizona University and the University of Arizona.

The AZTransfer website provides information regarding policies and procedures for transferring credits from community colleges to the public universities in the state of Arizona. In addition, the Shared Unique Number (SUN) System website helps students identify courses that will directly transfer among Arizona’s community colleges and three public universities. Using the SUN System, students can easily search for and enroll in courses that offer direct equivalency at other Arizona colleges and universities.

University of Arizona

CochiseCats Logo

Cochise Cats is a 2+2 partnership between Cochise College and the University of Arizona designed to help you make the most of the programs and services offered at both institutions. Now it’s easier and more affordable than ever to transfer credits between Cochise College and the University of Arizona to obtain a bachelor’s degree at three convenient locations in southeast Arizona: Sierra Vista, Douglas and  Santa Cruz County.

Students under the Cochise Cats partnership complete their Freshman and Sophomore year at Cochise College before transferring to the University of Arizona to complete their Junior and Senior year to obtain a bachelor’s degree.

Students can also view the Cochise College-UA transfer sheets for the different degrees offered in Douglas, Sierra Vista, and Santa Cruz county below:

Cochise College and the University of Arizona School of Natural Resources (PDF) have developed the following 2+2 transfer agreements.

Arizona State University

Cochise College in partnership with Arizona State University is proud to offer the MyPath2ASU™ .  The most efficient and affordable path to an ASU bachelor’s degree. Students can start planning their path to ASU on day one of their Cochise College journey with the MyPath2ASU™ transfer experience. Choose from more than 400 course-by-course major maps that lead to on-ground or online ASU bachelor’s degrees. By picking a major and identifying a transfer institution, MyPath2ASU™ helps to identify what courses to take at your transfer institution for an ASU baccalaureate degree. Save time, money and minimize loss of credit during the transfer journey. Students receive a set of customized tools to ensure a simple, seamless transition into one of the nation’s top 10 universities for undergraduate education.

MyPath2ASU™, a customized transfer experience

A suite of self-service transfer tools that help Cochise College students:

  • Save time and money by planning your time to degree completion
  • Customize course-by-course pathways by term to minimize loss of transfer credit
  • Track course applicability and degree progress in real-time through additional Transfer Guide tools like My Transfer Guide
  • Personalized communication per major of choice to help students academically prepare for their ASU major
  • Access to ASU’s transfer coordinators and pre-enrollment services, and invitations to special events at ASU
  • Earn Guaranteed Admission into the major of your choice if all requirements are satisfied*

Cochise College MyPath2ASU™ transfer process

  1. Create a MyPath2ASU™: Choose from over 400 online and on-campus course-by-course guided pathways. Creating a MyPath2ASU™ helps with course applicability and provides learner navigation by assisting students with what classes to take at their transfer institution for their ASU bachelor’s degree.
  2. MyPath2ASU™ sign-up:  Receive all the pathway benefits to stay on track to earn an ASU bachelor’s degree. Gain 24/7 direct access to self-service, degree progress tracking through My Transfer Guide to minimize loss of credit
  3. Track your degree progress: You’re well on your way to ASU. Once you’ve activated your My Transfer Guide account, you can easily track your degree progress and make updates to your MyPath2ASU™. Receive personalized ASU communications to prepare academically and build a connection to ASU. Remember to save your username and password.
  4. Complete your MyPath2ASU™: Prepare to transfer to ASU. Meet with ASU transfer specialists for pre-enrollment services and attend special ASU events. You’re one step closer to achieving your academic goals. Apply to ASU one year before completing your MyPath2ASU™. Thrive as an ASU Sun Devil and earn your ASU bachelor’s degree.

Explore ASU degree programs

Get started with MyPath2ASU™

Search MyPath2ASU™ majors

Attend a MyPath2ASU™ live workshop 

Northern Arizona University

NAU Transfer Logo

Cochise2NAU is an award-winning joint admission program between Cochise College and Northern Arizona University. This program gives you access to the guidance and information needed to seamlessly transition from Cochise College to NAU.

Throughout the program, you’ll benefit from the services and support offered by both institutions. Benefits include expert guidance to help you maximize credits earned at your community college, NAU admissions application fee waiver, access to NAU early enrollment, access to NAU and Cochise College library resources, NAU email account and ID card, free admission to NAU athletic events in Flagstaff, merit-based scholarship for those who qualify.

Other Colleges / Universities

American Public University System

Arizona Christian University

Ashford University

  • Ashford University Website
  • Programs Offered/Agreement: Business, education, health and human services, and liberal arts. The Ashford Agreement (PDF) is open-ended and reviewed annually, signed February 2013. The Transfer Guide (PDF), dated June 2017, lists current course equivalencies.
  • Details: Transfer up to 90 credits.  AGEC transfers as a block satisfying lower division general education requirements. Online available.

California University of Pennsylvania

  • California University of Pennsylvania Website
  • Programs Offered/Agreement: BA in jurisprudence with a concentration in legal studies for students completing an AAS in intelligence operations studies, unmanned aerial vehicle flight operator, or unmanned aircraft systems technician. The California University of Pennsylvania Agreement (PDF) is term-specific and expires in September 2019.
  • Details: Transfer up to 90 credits.  AGEC transfers as a block satisfying lower division general education requirements. Online available.

Capella University

  • Capella University Website
  • Programs Offered/Agreement: Administration of justice, business, computer information, nursing and psychology. The Capella Agreement (PDF) is open-ended, signed February 2014.
  • Details: 10% tuition reduction. Tuition reduction and benefits for military.
    Transfer up to 60 credits. Online available.

Chamberlain College of Nursing

Charter Oak State College

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

  • Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University Website
  • Programs Offered/Agreement: Avionics, business administration, business management, computer information, intelligence operations, professional pilot, UAV flight operator and unmanned aircraft systems. The Embry-Riddle Agreement (PDF) is open-ended, signed March 2010.
  • Details: No fee waivers.  Transfer up to 42-63 credits. No online courses.

Franklin University

  • Franklin University Website
  • Programs Offered/Agreement: Accounting, applied management, business administration, computer science, digital communications, health care management, information technology or systems management, and public safety management. The Franklin University Agreement (PDF) is open-ended, signed January 2012.
  • Details: No fee waivers. Tuition reduction for staff. Transfer up to 64 credits. Online available.

Grand Canyon University

  • Grand Canyon University Website
  • Programs Offered/Agreement: Administration of justice, biology, business, chemistry, education, exercise science, music, nursing, psychology, respiratory therapy, social sciences, and theatre arts.  The Grand Canyon Agreement (PDF) is open-ended, signed March 2014.
  • Details: Transfer up to 84 credits. Online available.

Northcentral University

  • Northcentral University Website
  • Programs Offered/Agreement: Business and technology management, and psychology. The Northcentral University Agreement (PDF) is open-ended, signed November 2003.
  • Details: 50% application fee waiver. 10% scholarship for tuition up to $2000. Transfer up to 90 credits – AGEC or full associate degree. Online available.

Ottawa University

  • Ottawa University Website
  • Programs Offered/Agreement: Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science degrees. The Ottawa University  Agreement (PDF) is open-ended, signed November 2016.
  • Details: $200 tuition reduction per credit. Transfer up to 80 credits. AGEC usually satisfies lower division general education requirements.  Online available.

Pacific University

  • Pacific University Website
  • Programs Offered/Agreement: This partnership agreement outlines a path for Cochise College undergraduate students to pursue guaranteed admission interviews at Pacific University School of Pharmacy through the CC-Pacific Bridge Program. The Pacific University Agreement (PDF) is open-ended, signed June 2018.
  • Details: Faculty and staff at Pacific University and Cochise College support students through four key phases of the Bridge Program.

Purdue University Global

  • Purdue University Global Website
  • Programs Offered/Agreement: The Purdue University Global Website offers information on business administration, criminal justice AJS, criminal justice IO, fire science, information technology, nursing and psychology.
  • Details: 20% tuition reduction. Transfer up to 64-76 credits. Online specific.

Southern New Hampshire University

University of Phoenix

University of the Potomac

  • University of the Potomac Website
  • Programs Offered/Agreement: Accounting, business information technology, digital forensics, government contract management and international business. The University of the Potomac Agreement (PDF) is open-ended, signed March 2013.
  • Details: Application fee waiver. Transfer up to 90 credits – guaranteed admission with associate degree and 2.0 GPA. Credit awarded for nontraditional, transfer, and prior learning activity. $250 per credit with associate degree. Online available.

Wayland Baptist University

  • Wayland Baptist University Website
  • Programs Offered/Agreement: BAS in administrations of justice, computer information systems, culinary arts, electronics technology, English, intelligence operations studies, psychology, science and sociology; BS in nursing; and BSIS in elementary education. The Wayland Baptist Agreement (PDF) is renewable every two years, signed February 2014.
  • Details: No fee waivers. Transfer up to 64-84 credits. Online available.

Western Governors University

Western New Mexico University