Social & Behavioral Sciences

Curious about why humans do what they do?

With a basic understanding of human group behavior (Sociology), or individual behavior (Psychology),  you can become an asset to your community; your employer; be a better friend; partner; spouse; and parent.

The Social and Behavioral Sciences Associate of Arts degree prepares students for transfer to a university program in anthropology, history, political science, psychology, sociology, or related areas of study. To ensure seamless transfer, students must develop their specific program in close coordination with a Cochise College advisor and in cooperation with department faculty.

Chose a concentration in Anthropology, History, Political Science, Psychology or Sociology, and let the learning and the fun begin.

Department Chair
Kristin Juarez |

Social & Behavioral Sciences

Many Pathways to Choose From!



What does it mean to be human? How did we get to be the way we are? What will become of humans in the future? Students with an Anthropology concentration will want to answer these questions – and many more – about our species. In addition to careers in anthropology, this is a good foundation for studies in law, government, business, and many more.


Are you fascinated with the past? As a history major, you can explore the human experience in all its diversity, from the intimacies of family life to the formation of nations to the histories of transcontinental pandemics. As a history major, you’ll learn to write clearly, analyze documents, and think analytically – all highly marketable skills. Some of the careers in addition to academics that will open for you are project manager, archivist, museum curator, law, government and journalism.

Political Science

Why do governments do what they do? Political science answers that question. The concentration in Political Science provides you the opportunity to study the theory, principles, and practice of government and politics at all geopolitical levels; examines the instruments, incentives, and institutions that shape human governance and does so in the context of the diverse lenses and perspectives of the global society.


Have you ever wondered why people do what they do, or even why they think and feel the way that they do? At its core, the field of psychology is a science studying behaviors and mental processes. The goal of psychology is to better understand the complex psychological, social, and biological dynamics that influence both individuals and groups. Ultimately, this science seeks to help people better cope with a variety of social and/or behavioral challenges, to include mental disorders. As the American Psychological Association (APA) notes succinctly, psychology is “the understanding of behavior.”


Do you like to people watch?  Do you find other cultures interesting?  Do you ever feel like an outsider looking in?  Sociology is a fascinating discipline applicable to the lives of each individual no matter their professional or personal goals. Sociology focuses on studying human interaction and the social context within which that interaction occurs.  Sociology helps to lessen the distance between “us” and “them” by exploring how an individual’s membership in socially defined groups such as gender, race, age affects not only their life chances but their perception of the world.  Sociology is a broad discipline that prepares one for a career in teaching, diversity/inclusion work, sociology, law school, human resources, criminal justice, non-profit, marketing, among others.

Social & Behavioral Science Instructors

Berry, Ben
Instructor of History & Political Science

Bigwood, Patricia
Instructor of Sociology

Cleary, Megan
Instructor of Anthropology

Juarez, Kristin
Instructor of Psychology

Quijada, Carlos
Instructor of Psychology

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2 Spring Semesters

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