Advising & Counseling

Advising & Counseling

Cochise College counselors and advisors assist our diverse student population in defining, planning and achieving success. This collaborative effort results in students taking responsibility for achieving educational, personal/social and career goals.

Douglas Campus | Student Services/1000 Building
(520) 417-4038

Sierra Vista Campus| Student Union/1000 Building, 2nd floor
(520) 515-5483

Advising & Counseling Information

Student advising is a key component of the academic mission of Cochise College. Advisors serve as a student resource in removing barriers and providing information so students can reach their potential and become successful. Our advisors strive to be approachable, available and knowledgeable in the programs the college offers in order to build trustworthy relationships with students.

Advisors are available to help you select your classes by appointment only during office hours. Schedule an appointment at or by calling Sierra Vista (520) 515-5483 or Douglas (520) 417-4038. Tuition payment is due at time of registration.

Our advising personnel adhere the Code of Ethics of the American Counseling Association. Students deserve dependable, accurate, respectful, honest, friendly and professional academic advising, which are reflected in the NACADA Core Values of Academic Advising:

  • Advisors are responsible to the individuals they advise
  • Advisors are responsible for involving others, when appropriate, in the advising process
  • Advisors are responsible to their institutions, higher education and the educational community
  • Advisors are responsible for their professional practices and for themselves personally

Additional Information

What’s your Major?

If you have not declared a major, advising is here to help!

During your time here at Cochise College, a major will help you smoothly plan a course schedule and complete an associate degree.  Declaring a major will also help you transfer to a university or college, and it can help you secure a career that is right for you.

Explore the many possibilities that your future holds by going to what can I do with this major website.  Here you can research the many majors available to you.  Ask questions like: What can I do with this major?

Looking to jump-start your career?  Don’t know how to choose the right major or college?  Look no more!  AZCIS is a free website that has all the information you need!  AZCIS is designed to provide career and occupation information.  Find out what job salaries are in the state of Arizona, and learn what type of preparation colleges and universities provide.  Best of all, it’s free!!

Simply go to the Arizona Career Information System website and log in with the following:

  • Username: cochisecc
    Password: 2viewazcis

Our Counseling and Advising Center is here to help you learn more about careers and majors! We have additional career assessments that can help you examine your interests. Career assessments help you identify potential occupations that match your skill set and interests. An employee who works in a position that fits their interests and personality is more likely to find satisfaction and success in their job.

  • Strong Interest Inventory: Based on the John Holland Codes, this assessment matches your interests to potential careers.
  • Myers-Briggs Type Indicator®: Understanding your personality can help you select a career path that is rewarding. This questionnaire was developed to measure psychological preferences, how people perceive the world and make decisions.

For more information or to take these assessments contact our advising and counseling department.


MyDegreePlan is an online degree audit system that tracks your progression toward completion of your goal at Cochise College.

To explore this system, sign in to MyCochise and click the MyDegreePlan link under resources. For assistance with or questions about MyDegreePlan, email

  • Worksheet Tab has two important pieces of information. The Header contains student information including name, C#, GPA, and declared major. Look over the header information and make sure everything is accurate; if not, email The Audit shows you how courses are applied to your current declared major. Included at the bottom of the Header is a requirements percentage bar that indicates how much of the degree is complete.
  • What If Tab allows you to explore what would be required if you change your declared major. The courses are compared to the chosen major and a report is generated showing what the progress would be with a change in major.
  • Look Ahead Tab can be used in planning classes. It answers the question “If I took these courses what would be left?”
  • Planner Tab can be viewed only, and your advisor may create a plan for you. Once this feature is available for students, you will be able to plan classes by semester in order to complete your requirements.
  • GPA Calc Tab includes three different GPA calculators that you can use to determine what grades are needed to raise your GPA, graduate with a certain GPA, or predict what your GPA will be given possible grades for a term.
  • FAQ contains a list of frequently asked questions about MyDegreePlan.
  • Help has information about navigating MyDegreePlan.
  • Print allows you to print your degree audit.

Apply for Graduation

Graduation Application

Cochise College holds one formal commencement ceremony per year in May. If you graduate during the preceding summer or fall, you will be listed in the commencement program and may participate in May commencement. Students filing for graduation after the priority deadline may not have their name listed in the commencement program. Apply early to ensure your name appears in the program.

Policy 4013 Participation in Commencement

Procedure 4013.3 – Commencement
Students who have not completed the associate degree requirements may participate in the commencement ceremony but will not receive a diploma, nor will the credential be posted to the student’s academic record, until they have completed all degree requirements.

Military Advisors

MyDegreePlan is an online degree audit system that tracks your progression toward completion of your goal at Cochise College. Go to the MyDegreePlan website to login directly, your login information should be in a message in your Cochise College email account.


The AZTransfer website helps students navigate their higher education options within the state of Arizona. Information and resources represent each of Arizona’s public and tribal community colleges and universities. The website’s tools assist students in transfer planning and explain how their courses transfer, meet requirements and apply to certain degree program.

Advisor – Faculty and college staff  trained in assisting students with academic decisions. Advisors guide and assist students in their choice of courses. Advisors help students choose the appropriate courses and programs to achieve their academic and career goals.

Audit – Students may audit a class if they are interested in the subject but do not wish to receive a grade. You will not receive credit for audited classes, and they will not count toward a degree or for credit to meet financial aid requirements.

Advising Syllabus – Similar to a course syllabus the Advising Syllabus outlines what is expected from the advising relationship between students and counselors/advisors. The syllabus indicates what students can expect from the counselor/advisor and, in turn, what their responsibility is in the counselor – student relationship.

Catalog – The catalog contains complete descriptions of academic regulations and information. It also contains a listing of academic program requirements and complete course descriptions.

Class Schedule – This booklet gives registration information and lists courses with their times, days, rooms, and instructors. A new schedule is published prior to registration for each semester.

CLEP – The College Level Examination Program is a series of examinations, one or more of which a student may choose to take for college credit. There is a fee to take CLEP examinations.

Counselor – Professional counselors are available to help students define and achieve personal, educational, and occupational goals, as well as to help deal with periods of personal crisis. They are knowledgeable about community and campus resources.  Counselors are professionally trained in student development and assist students in the personal/social, academic, and career domains.

Credits/Units/Hours – These terms are synonymous. You earn a certain number of credits for each class that you complete, typically three to four. These credits count toward a degree or certificate.

Degree Plan (Degree Worksheet) – A tool used by students and counselors/advisors to assist students in planning their course of study in preparation to earn a degree or certificate.

Developmental Education – Because students entering college differ considerably in the basic skill areas of English, math, and reading, colleges commonly offer several levels of courses in these areas. Developmental courses are designed to assist students in building or developing the skills necessary to pass college-level courses. At Cochise College, developmental classes are typically numbered below the 100 level (e.g., ENG 090, MAT 071, or RDG 020).

Drop/Add – After you have registered, you may change your class schedule by “dropping” or “adding” classes. This only can be done during a certain period early in the semester. A counselor or advisor signature is necessary. Drop/add time periods are listed in each semester’s class schedule and on the academic calendar.

Electives – Electives are courses that are not counted toward general education or vocational program requirements but will count as credits toward graduation. Controlled electives are those electives within your major that are designated to count toward your program of study.

General Education Requirements – These requirements are a common core of courses required for graduation with an associate’s degree or a bachelor’s degree that provides students with a broad foundation of knowledge.

Grievance Procedure – If you feel that you have been subjected to unjust action or denied your rights as stipulated in published College regulations, state or federal laws, you can seek redress according to the College grievance procedure. Talk to a counselor or other college staff for a more complete discussion of this procedure.

Incomplete – If you, for good reason, are unable to complete all the work necessary in a course, your instructor may agree to assign you an incomplete rather than a failing grade. This requires a contract that stipulates the work you are to complete in order to receive a certain grade. The granting of incomplete grades is entirely at the discretion of the instructor. If the work is not completed in one semester, the incomplete grade reverts to an F.

Major – Your major is your program or field of study which you intend to pursue.

Part-Time/Full-Time Student – A part-time student is a student who takes less than 12 credit hours per semester; for financial aid purposes, at least six credits are required for part-time status. A full-time student is one who takes 12 or more credit hours per semester. This classification has direct bearing on your financial aid or veteran’s benefits.

Placement Assessment – Placement assessment is done upon admission to Cochise College prior to your registration for classes. Placement assessment determines in which level of English, math, or reading classes you are prepared to begin. Correct placement helps ensure college success.

Prerequisite – A prerequisite is a requirement that must be met before enrolling in a particular course, usually a placement test score or a prior course.

Syllabus/Procedure Sheet – At the beginning of a course, your instructor will give you one or more pages that describe the instructor’s expectations for the course: reading assignments, test dates, paper due dates, and instructor policies concerning attendance, behavior in class, and grading.

Transfer – Students who intend to receive an associate degree from another college or continue their education by working toward a bachelor’s degree should work closely with a counselor or academic advisor to plan their academic program at Cochise College to transfer in the most efficient manner. Find out more at AZTransfer.

Tutoring – Tutoring is available in the math and writing (English) labs and is provided free of charge by student tutors and faculty. Tutoring in other coursework also may be available.

Withdraw – Students may withdraw from a class or classes for any reason without academic penalty prior to the 10th week of classes. A withdrawal does not affect your grade point average, but it can affect your financial aid or veteran’s benefits. Talk to an advisor or counselor.