The Finance Department oversees all business, business support and physical infrastructure programs, services, policies, procedures and personnel, including accounting, purchasing, buildings and maintenance.

Cochise College’s Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports (website) are available from the Arizona Office of the Auditor General for each fiscal year since 2005. These reports include basic financial statements and audit results, statistics on revenues and expenses, and up to 10 years of data on Cochise County and Cochise College finances, taxes, enrollment and employment figures.

Vice President for Administration
Wendy Davis, Ph.D.

Sierra Vista Campus | Human Resources/300 Building
(520) 515-3623 |

Contractors & Consultants

Planning and implementing capital improvement projects are essential to the college’s future. Independent contractors and consultants may be hired to provide services to the college. Cochise College must assess a contractor’s level of independence and whether a contracting relationship will be problematic with respect to IRS regulations. Sufficient lead-time must be provided for the Independent Contractor Agreement form (ICON) and Purchase Order (PO) process to be complete prior to a contractor commencing services by following these steps:

  • College department requesting services sends ICON to contractor, who completes, signs and returns the form to the department. If the department is seeking approval to waive the insurance requirement, request the waiver prior to sending the ICON to the contractor.
  • Contractor completes a W-9 form and ACH Agreement to expedite payment via electronic direct deposit.
  • Department prepares purchase requisition indicating units and unit amounts to create PO for contractor to invoice against.
  • Department routes completed ICON, referencing purchase requisition number, for Dean and VP authorization. It is then sent to the purchasing department, which reviews the ICON to determine employee/employer status and forwards to VPA for signature.
  • Purchasing department  issues PO and sends the fully signed agreement with PO to contractor, keeping a copy for college files; or purchasing sends the form back to the department to initiate the employment process.

The college values the professional services provided by outside sources and will attempt to engage individuals in employer-employee relationships.


The Purchasing Department is responsible for the procurement of supplies and services in support of college operations. The department is authorized to issue Invitations to Bid, Requests for Proposal and purchase orders, and to develop term contracts.

The Purchasing Department is the contact for all vendors and sales representatives.

When possible, the college assures adequate competition to make purchases at the lowest cost, consistent with the quality and delivery requirements of the requested purchase.

(520) 452-2601 or 2631 |

Purchasing Forms & Manuals

Purchasing eBid Links

Other Department Contacts

  • Accounts Payable | (520) 452-2636
  • Accounts Receivable | (520) 515-8757
  • Grants & Contracts | (520) 452-2603