Mirage Literary and Arts Magazine

2016 Mirage Cover

Mirage Literary and Arts Magazine is produced by Cochise College each academic year. Hard copies of Mirage 2016 can be obtained at both the Douglas and Sierra Vista campus libraries. Electronic copies are available below.

The 2017 issue of Mirage Literary and Arts Magazine is now in production and should be published this fall. We are no longer accepting submissions for 2017. However, we are soliciting submissions for the 2018 issue.

Residents of both Cochise and Santa Cruz Counties and students of Cochise College are welcomed and encouraged to submit their poetry, prose, artwork, and photography for consideration of publication.

If you enjoy the Mirage, please also consider participating in the Creative Writing Celebration held in the spring each year on the Sierra Vista campus. Published authors teach several interactive workshops over the course of two and a half days.

Aspiring writers can enter the contest and winners will be published in the following year’s edition of The Mirage.

Mirage Literary and Arts Magazine has a three-part mission:

  1. Mirage serves Cochise and Santa Cruz Counties by showcasing high-quality art and literature produced by community members and Cochise college students.
  2. Mirage serves Cochise College by establishing the College as the locus of a creative learning community.
  3. Mirage further serves Cochise College students by providing them an opportunity to earn college credit and gain academic and professional experience by participating in all aspects of the production of the literary and arts magazine.

Mirage Literary and Arts Magazine

Cochise College | 4190 W. Hwy. 80
Douglas, AZ 85607 | Mirage@cochise.edu

Faculty Advisors

Jay Treiber | Douglas Campus
(520) 417-4765 | treiberj@cochise.edu

Kristen Welch | Sierra Vista Campus
(520) 515-5315 | welchk@cochise.edu

Submit Art/Literature

Currently accepting submissions for the 2018 issue

The deadline for submitting work to the 2017 issue was January 16, 2017. We are hard at work producing the 2017 issue. However, we now take submissions throughout the year. So, if you would like to have your work considered for the 2018 issue, please see the submission guidelines.

Submission Guidelines

Submissions are accepted from Cochise College students and residents of Cochise and Santa Cruz Counties in Arizona.

All entries must be the original work of the person or persons submitting them. The Mirage staff follows all copyright laws for submitted work and will verify originality to the best of our ability, but the responsibility for submitting original artwork or written work lies with the artist. If copyright infringement occurs, the artist or author will bear responsibility for it.

Each person may submit up to three pieces of writing and three works of art. Please note that this is a new policy. 

Writers and artists are welcome to resubmit material that was not previously accepted for publication. However, they should also consider submitting fresh works that represent their most recent and accomplished artistic achievements.

Works are selected for publication via an anonymous process: Each submission is judged without disclosure of the writer’s or artist’s name.

The staff of Mirage reserves the right to revise language, correct grammar and punctuation, revise formatting, and abridge content of any literary work, including the biographies of writers and artists. In matters of mechanics and style, the Mirage staff defers to A Writer’s Reference by Diana Hacker and Nancy Sommers.

The staff also reserves the right to crop, re-size, and modify works of visual art in any way deemed necessary to ready them for inclusion in the magazine.

Submissions must be sent via email: mirage@cochise.edu

Please attach Word or rtf files for poetry, prose, and non-fiction work. Please be sure photographs are 300 dpi when submitted. See the details on the links below.

When you submit your work by email, be sure to include:

  • Your name
  • Your affiliation: Community member, Cochise College student, Cochise Center for Lifelong Learning student
  • Address
  • Phone number
  • Email address
  • A list of the titles of all works
  • A brief autobiographical statement of seventy-five words or less, written in the third person.


To preserve anonymity during the selection process, no name should appear on the entry itself.

Please submit works in electronic form as a Word or rtf file for poetry, prose, and non-fiction. Photos should be 300 dpi. Submissions must be attached to the email.

Email submissions to mirage@cochise.edu. You will receive a letter of acknowledgement immediately, and you will be notified of acceptance after the middle of March.

Prose must be submitted as Microsoft Word document files, and your work must be double-spaced. Unless unique formatting is integral to the piece, literary works should be aligned on the left margin and not printed in all upper-case letters. There is a 4,000-word limit for prose entries.

Poetry must be submitted as Microsoft Word document files. Single spacing is permissible for poetry. Unless unique formatting is integral to the piece, poems should be aligned on the left margin and not printed in all upper-case letters. There is a 2,000-word limit for poetry entries.

Artwork and photographs must have titles or must be identified as “Untitled.” Save each photograph of your artwork as a file with the title as the name. Do not send multiple emails instead of sending one with all five works attached. Do not copy your work into the body of the email instead of submitting it as a file attachment.

When taking photographs of artwork for submission, pay attention to lighting and orientation in order to prevent shadowing, glare, skewing, or unintentional cropping.

Again, artwork and photographs must be sent as digital files. Save as a jpeg, if possible.

Compression: Please do not compress photos when emailing them. Compressed photos lose information that cannot be restored. It is not like zipping or stuffing files; photos cannot be “unzipped” or “unstuffed.” Many programs will automatically downsize photos for emailing and viewing on a computer screen, but there is usually an option for sending the photo without reducing its size. Please choose that option.

Resolution: Printing on a press requires high resolution: What looks good on a computer screen or from a laser printer will not necessarily look good when printed on a press. An image copied from a webpage will not have the proper resolution. Files of artwork need to be at a resolution of at least 300 dots per inch (DPI) and at 100% of its original size. Photos should be at least 6 x 9 inches. A minimum resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels in JPEG format is best. Any attempt to resize or resample may cause problems because print resolution will depend on how we ultimately size the photo for the magazine. The minimum size is important. If, for example, a photo is only 640 x 480 pixels, it is too small for the magazine.

IMPORTANT: Unless digital photographs of art are submitted according to the guidelines above, the magazine cannot use them.

Join the Mirage

The Mirage is produced in conjunction with a Cochise College course offered on both the Douglas and Sierra Vista campuses. ENG 257, Literary Magazine Production includes application of promotion, editing, design, layout, and production techniques. Students will get hands-on experience with all aspects of producing the magazine with InDesign and Photoshop, will explore visual rhetorics related to document design, will engage in activities to practice literary analysis, and will have opportunities to be creative in a variety of formats.

Prerequisite(s): ENG 101.

A student can take the course by registering for ENG 257, Literary Magazine Production, (3 credits).

The next time this course will be offered is Spring 2018.

If you would like more information, please contact Kristen Welch at welchk@cochise.edu.