Mirage Literary and Arts Magazine

Please join us Saturday, March 21st at the Bisbee Library between 11 a.m. and 1 p.m. for our annual reception for the Mirage. We will be serving refreshments.


  • Alex O’Meara will offer a free memoir writing workshop at 11 a.m.
  • Mystery writer Laurinda Wallace will be giving a talk
  • Contest winners will be reading their work
  • Door prizes for attendees

All are welcome!





The fall contest has now closed, but we are still taking submissions for Mirage 2020.

We take entries in art, prose, and poetry.

Residents of both Cochise and Santa Cruz Counties and students of Cochise College are welcomed and encouraged to submit up to three works in each of the following categories:

Poetry (2,000 word limit),

Prose (4,000 word limit),

Artwork (Photos of your work must be 300 dots per inch and at 100% of its original size).

All work must be the original creation of the author or artist. Please do not submit work that uses copyrighted material or stories based on popular characters, i.e. “fan fiction.”

Fair use guidelines: Cochise College upholds the highest level of respect for intellectual and creative property rights, and will not accept works of art or writing containing derivative subject matter, characters, themes, plots, and imagery with or without formal copyright unless the submitted works fall appropriately within fair use law standards.

Fair use resources: 

Student contest winners will be notified in March 2020.

Save the date! Our annual reception is Saturday, March 21, 2020 at the Bisbee Library from 11:00 a.m. to 1 p.m. This year, we’ll have a writing workshop, door prizes, an awards ceremony, and refreshments. We hope to see you there!

Mirage Literary and Arts Magazine has a three-part mission:

  1. Mirage serves Cochise and Santa Cruz Counties by showcasing high-quality art and literature produced by community members and Cochise College students.
  2. Mirage serves Cochise College by establishing the College as the locus of a creative learning community.
  3. Mirage further serves Cochise College students by providing them an opportunity to earn college credit and gain academic and professional experience by participating in all aspects of the production of the literary and arts magazine.

Mirage Literary and Arts Magazine

Cochise College | 901 N. Colombo Ave.
Sierra Vista, AZ 85650 | Mirage@cochise.edu

Faculty Advisors

Kristen Welch | Sierra Vista Campus
(520) 515-5315 | welchk@cochise.edu

Ella Melito | Douglas Campus
(520) 439-6845 | melitoe@cochise.edu

Alex O’Meara | Douglas Campus
(520) 452-2612 | omearaa@cochise.edu

Mirage Submissions

  • Maximum of 3 sentences.
  • Accepted file types: doc, docx, rtf, jpeg, jpg.
    Only submit Word documents (.doc or .docx), .rtf, or .jpeg files.
Flyer for the Mirage reception
Cover for the Mirage
Cover art is by Nataliia Kuzmenko, “New York City” and Cover design is by RosieFinch Brown. Both are students on the Douglas Campus.

Fall 2019 Student Writing & Art Contest Winners


1st: “Advice is a Kind of Anecdote” by Owen Crowlie

2nd: “Gray Day” by Jay Melzer

3rd: “We Wait” by Jennifer Ovalle-Zelaya


1st: “Changing of the Guard” by Edward Doench

2nd: “Nostalgia” by Marcea Phidd

3rd: “An Indiscreet Holiday” by Katie Bertrand


1st:”New York City” by Nataliia Kuzmenko

2nd: “Tel Aviv” by Nataliia Kuzmenko

3rd: “Hanging and Spinning” by Maria Grijalva

Spring 2018 Student Writing & Art Contest Winners


First place: Sarah Fenter, “The Soul of a Girl”

Second place: Grady Butler, “Pleonasm”

Third place: Gaia Schrimpsher, “A Minute to Breathe”


First place: Eimilee Simpson, “Spring Cleaning:

Second place: Otis Luttschwager, “Lights Out,
Arnold Boxley”

Third place: Owen Crowlie, “Flirting With Cigarettes”


First place: Marvel Moore, “How to Make My
Mother’s Apple Pie”

Second place: Jay Melzer, “I Remember the Riverside”


First place: LaKwanda Hawkins, “Blue Cho’kolat”

Second place: Otis Luttschwager, “Rotten Pumpkin”

Third place: LaKwanda Hawkins, “Bauhaus Boy”

Fall 2017 Student Writing & Art Contest Winners


First place: Zihna Gordon, “Girls Who Don’t Like
Fairy Tales”

Second place: Zihna Gordon, “Resolution”

Third place: Stephanie Chips Dolores, “Scintilla”


First place: Tyler Sheley, “Freedom”

Second place: Kyah Vanderdasson, “Her”

Third place: Angela Parker, “The Sun is Not a Star”


First place: Zihna Gordon, “Bones”

Second place: Zihna Gordon, “Dialog in the Dark”

Third place: Jay Melzer, “The 1001st Stair”


First place: Zihna Gordon, “A US for All of Us”

Second place: Chelsea Schlarbaum, “Sin Titulo”

Third place: Itzel Madrigal, “Border”