Why Nursing at Cochise?

Enter this challenging and rewarding profession at Cochise College! The college was ranked as the #1 nursing school in Arizona by the website ‘Accredited Schools’. The demand for nurses is projected only to increase over the next decade, and the Cochise College Nursing Program offers expert instruction, modern learning laboratories and a wide variety of clinical experience in hospitals and health care agencies.

Our program teaches both theory and practical skills, along with hands-on experience through a combination of lectures, labs and clinical assignments. Students are from all parts of Cochise, Pima and Santa Cruz counties. Lectures are held on the Sierra Vista Campus, Downtown Center while labs are conducted on the Douglas, Sierra Vista, and Benson campuses. Students are scheduled for clinical experiences in hospitals and health agencies in many different areas of the county, such as Benson, Douglas, Bisbee, Fort Huachuca, Sierra Vista, Willcox and Nogales.  Students must provide their own transportation to lectures, labs and clinical.

A number of general education courses and their prerequisite courses must be taken in addition to the nursing program requirements. Students are required to complete all listed prerequisite general education courses prior to entry into the nursing program. All general education courses must be completed with a grade of “C” or higher. All general education science courses must be completed with a grade of “B” or higher starting fall 2014 cohort.  All nursing courses (NUR) must be completed with a grade of “B” (80%) or higher.

Dean of Nursing & Allied Health
Beth Hill, RN, MSN, MHA
Downtown Center NA105

Office Assistant
Margaret Reilly | DTC-NA101
(520) 515-5309 |

Division Assistant
Karolyn Garcia | DTC-NA101
(520) 515-8744 |

Cochise Nursing Program

Cochise College’s nursing program is one of the best in the state of Arizona.

Apply to the Nursing Programs

All new students  must complete an application for admission to Cochise College. Admission to Cochise College does not guarantee acceptance into the Nursing Program.

Mandatory Pre-Nursing Advising

All Pre-Nursing Student must attend the Mandatory Pre-Nursing advising meeting. Meetings are scheduled throughout the coming year.

Challenge Process

Submit the application below together with the waiver of licensure.

Student Achievement Data

 Year RN Licensure Success 100% of Time Completion 150% of Time Completion Greater than 150% of Time Completion Employment Rate
2019  86.96%  72.97%  5.80%  1.45%  100%
2018  82.35%  83.33%  11.76%  1.4%  100%
2017  86%  82.81%  9.38%  7.81%  100%
2016  86.25%  68.29%  20.73%  10.98%  100%
 Year LPN Licensure Success 100% of Time Completion 150% of Time Completion Greater than 150% of Time Completion Employment Rate
2018  88.8%  89.47%  N/A  N/A  100%

Eligibility of Licensure

While completion of the program does not guarantee licensure, our graduates have a high success rate on the National Council Licensing Exam. Our nursing program is accredited by the Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing and approved by the Arizona State Board of Nursing. The program offers expert instruction, modern equipment, and a wide variety of clinical experience in hospitals and agencies throughout Cochise County.

Students completing graduation requirements for the Associate of Applied Science degree in Nursing are eligible to apply for licensure as registered nurses. Applicants for licensure in Arizona must provide evidence of citizenship or nationality. Licensing fees and requirements are determined by and are the sole responsibility of the State Boards of Nursing. In Arizona, the approximate cost of application fees, testing fees and fingerprinting is $550. Contact the Arizona State Board of Nursing with questions at the  Arizona board of nursing website or (602) 889-5150.

Jobs and Beyond

Once you’ve completed our program, visit the Nursing Career Network website, the largest online career network for college students and recent graduates, to find entry-level opportunities.

We also have a wide array of transfer program agreements with private and public colleges and universities, which often provide seamless transfer for nurses seeking their BSN degree or other higher education.


The Cochise College Nursing Program is committed to offering a quality associate degree education which provides educational resources to promote meaningful nursing careers, constructive citizenship, and lifelong learning to meet the healthcare needs of a diverse population.


Our philosophy is to create a learning environment in which the student transforms from a beginning student into an entry-level nurse who cares for a diverse population of patients across the lifespan. The nursing faculty respects the students as adult learners who demonstrate integrity in the classroom as-well-as in the clinical setting. The philosophy utilizes a conceptual framework based on the nursing process and related disciplines as a solid foundation for the nurse generalist. The nurse generalist collaborates with other members of the health care team to provide and manage patients anywhere along the health/illness continuum.

Core Values

Lifelong Learning

An attitudinal approach to learning in which the person is open to new ideas, decisions, skills, and behaviors based on scientific evidence and research to promote scientific and technological progress improving patient outcomes.


Respecting differences between and among members of the community by embracing and encouraging the expression of ideas, opinions, and thoughts exchanged freely, respectfully, and civilly.


Decisions and interactions based on honesty, trust, respect, responsibility, accountability, and ethical behavior.

Adult Learning

An independent, self-directed, problem centered approach utilizing prior experience to gain knowledge.