International Students

International Students

Cochise College welcomes all non-residents of the United States. By attending school here, you will be immersed in the English language and have the chance to experience the natural, historic and cultural attractions of the Old West and nearby Mexico.

Cochise College provides English as a Second Language (ESL) program, for students who do not have college-level English skills and traditional academic programs, which lead to a certificate or an associate degree, preparing students for direct employment or transfer to a university.

International Student
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Apply to Cochise

International students must complete and submit each of the forms and documents listed below. College entrance exams like the ACT, SAT or TOEFL are not required for admission. Tuition and housing must be paid when you register for classes.

  • International Student Application
  • Application fee of $75 in bank draft or U.S. check payable to Cochise College
  • Non-U.S. transcripts of post-secondary education must be evaluated by a recognized foreign credential evaluation service. See the transfer to cochise page for more information.
  • Student health record (PDF), part I
  • Appropriate Financial Guarantee Form (PDF) from your bank. The financial guarantee is proof that you, or your sponsor, are financially capable of paying for your Cochise College education. Proof of this financial responsibility must be presented before you are admitted to the college. The amount of money that will be guaranteed must be in U.S. dollars. Foreign banks that do financial transfers for students might want to send a payment ahead of time. The bank can send the amount of money as a check (U.S. dollars) and a letter explaining its purpose. Make sure your name is included in the letter. This bank must be in a country that is included on the foreign exchange list. For a wire transfer, contact the Cochise College Business Office at (800) 966-7943 ext. 4076, (520) 417-4076 or (520) 515-5416.
  • Housing application with $150 deposit
  • Transfer students only: School transfer notification (PDF) and confirmation of status If you are in the U.S. on an F-1 visa, you may transfer to Cochise College after you complete your current semester and before the semester at Cochise College begins. Admission documents are the same as for international students residing outside the U.S. You will also need to notify the international student advisor at your current school that you wish to transfer.

If you are a student living near the U.S.-Mexico border, you can study in the United States and attend Cochise College as a border commuter student on a part-time or full-time basis. Government regulations require that you pursue a degree program or enroll for English as a Second Language classes. All you have to do is submit the following:

  • Application form
  • Application fee of $20
  • Official high school transcripts, or certificate or diploma with English translation
  • Student health record (PDF)
  • Bank guarantee in U.S. dollars of $724 for part-time or $2,936 for full-time students

Once you have been admitted, your I-20 (SEVIS) form will be mailed to you, or you can pick it up at the Douglas Campus or Sierra Vista Campus. Prior to visiting a U.S. consulate to obtain your visa, you will need to pay your I-901 SEVIS one-time fee of $200 with a credit card either online or with help from the International Student Office. Take your payment receipt to your appointment at the consulate.

If you reside in Sonora, Mexico, visit the U.S. Consulate in Nogales any Monday morning without an appointment, or call +52-(631) 311-8150 for an appointment. Also, bring your bank guarantee and valid passport in which to put the visa. After obtaining your visa, you will need to spend about a half a day on campus completing English placement testing, being advised, and getting registered for classes.

Your I-20 form will be sent to you by mail as soon as your admissions file is complete, or you can pick it up at the Douglas Campus International Student Office. You must fill out the I-20 form to obtain an F-1 visa.

Visit the U.S. Department of State Website or call the U.S. Consulate nearest you to explain what documents you need to bring with you and how to make an appointment.

  • International students must maintain full-time student status.
  • International students should file all paperwork with Cochise College at least three months in advance of the semester for which they seek admission.
  • Those interested in studying aviation or nursing should contact those departments for more specific admissions requirements.

International students should be financially prepared to pay tuition and other personal expenses while they are at Cochise College. F-1 full-time international students are permitted to work part time on campus; however, student employment is not guaranteed.

Paying for College

Special tuition rates are available to students, including those from Sonora who want to study at Cochise College. Students from Arizona who wish to study in Sonora also have educational and living options available.

  • Full-time international student living on campus with room and board (dormitories and meal services), medical insurance and classes included.
    – Cost per semester is $6,150 U.S. dollars (120 hours/class).
    – Financial Guarantee Bank Letter  $15,250. Books not included.
  • Full-time international student living  in Mexico (Border Crosser).
    – Cost per semester is $3,550 U.S. dollars per semester.
    – Financial Guarantee Bank Letter $7,050. Books not included.
  • Full-time international student living  off campus in the United States with a room and board provider, medical insurance included.
    – Cost per semester is $4,200 U.S. dollars per semester.
    – Financial Guarantee Bank Letter $10,050 plus Room and Board Letter. Books not included.

Medical Insurance/Health Records

It is required that all F-1 visa students, living in the United States have health insurance. Upon arrival to Cochise College, it is mandatory you go to the International Student Services Office and purchase an insurance policy. Cochise College will not accept international health insurance.
U.S. federal regulations require J-1 students and dependents to buy health insurance. (It is strongly recommended that F-1 students and dependents also buy health insurance.) They must provide the following:

  • Medical benefits of at least $100,000 for each accident or illness
  • A deductible of $500 or less for each accident or illness
  • Benefits for medical evacuation of at least $50,000
  • Benefits for repatriation of remains of at least $25,000

In order to participate in a J-1 Exchange Visitor Program, students and dependent family members must continue this healthcare coverage throughout their stay in the U.S.

Visit or contact our International Student Services Office, located in the 1000 Bldg., Douglas Campus.
You will have several choices of health insurance plans.

You will have the option to pay in full or choose monthly payments. Credit Card Payments Only. Bring your F1 visa with you. If you do not provide Cochise College a current health insurance card, within 5 days from the start of classes, Cochise College will automatically enroll you for a more expensive health insurance and you will be charged for health insurance until your termination date.

Before Classes Start

Review the following links to get ready for the beginning of classes at Cochise College.