Paying for College

Paying for College

One of the largest financial investments you will make in life will be for your education. SmartAsset website ranked Cochise College 3rd best Community College in the country two years in a row on cost, return on investment and a high success rate. We take your investment seriously and are here to help you graduate with less debt.

We offer many different ways to help pay for college including financial aid, scholarships and tuition waivers.

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Sierra Vista Campus | Student Union/1000 Building | (520) 515-5336

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How Much Does it Cost?

At $91 per credit hour, Cochise College provides an affordable, quality education. All fees may change as approved by the Cochise College Governing Board.

All students need to ensure they have sufficient funds to defray their immediate expenses at the time of registration. Failure to make full payment the day you register will result in your registration being deleted.

Tuition Waivers

Cochise Combo & Combo Plus

With the Cochise Combo, in-state and WUE students living in the college residence halls are not charged room rates when they register for 16 or more Cochise College credits and purchase meal plan.

Residents of non-WUE states are eligible for Housing Combo (+) Plus, which includes all the benefits of the Cochise Combo housing deal, plus you’ll pay 150% of in-state tuition.

Western Undergraduate Exchange

Cochise College is a member of the Western Undergraduate Exchange (WUE) program, which offers a reduced tuition rate of 150% of in-state tuition at participating two- and four-year college programs outside of their home state.

Fill out a WUE application or contact the Admissions Office for more information.

  • Legal resident of participating state (documentation required): Alaska, California, Colorado, Guam, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, North Dakota, Northern Marianas Islands, Oregon, South Dakota, Utah, Washington or Wyoming
  • Tuition for WUE students is 150 percent of institution’s in-state resident tuition
  • Acceptance to Cochise College.
  • Full-time student status at Cochise College.
  • Annual accumulation of 24 credit hours at a minimum 2.0 GPA.

Golden Apache Tuition Rate

If you are 60 years or older, you may apply for a Golden Apache tuition program as an Arizona resident who lives in Cochise or Santa Cruz County. This program allows a tuition discount of the regular in-state tuition rate and of the online tuition rate. Registration fees, lab fees, bookstore charges, avionics, flight tuition and fees, and non-credit courses are not included in this discount.

Tuition charges will be discounted to the published Golden Apache rate in the college catalog each year. The Golden Apache tuition rate cannot be applied retroactively.

  • 60 years of age or older on or before the first day of class (documentation required)
  • Cochise County or Santa Cruz County resident
  • Meet Arizona in-state residency requirements
  • Acceptance to Cochise College

New Mexico Rate

The New Mexico Rate agreement exists between Cochise College and Western New Mexico University. New Mexico residents who attend Cochise College may qualify to be assessed Arizona resident tuition. Likewise, residents attending Western New Mexico University may qualify for New Mexico resident tuition. There is a limited number for each location.

  • Legal residency in New Mexico (documentation required)
  • Acceptance to Cochise College
  • Full-time student status at Cochise College
  • Annual accumulation of 24 credit hours at a minimum 2.0 cumulative grade point average
  • Tuition rate granted for a maximum of four semesters at Cochise College
  • Online classes are not included in the tuition discount

Sonoran Student

To improve educational opportunities for students of their respective states, Cochise College and the Instituto Tecnológico de Agua Prieta (ITAP) have an agreement in which students can pay resident tuition rates at each institution. This agreement is set to expire June 30, 2017.

Sonoran residents who are eligible to enroll at the resident tuition rate at ITAP are eligible to enroll at Cochise College in Cochise County and pay the same tuition as students from Arizona:

Sonoran Exchange Form – Mexican Citizens (PDF)
Sonoran Exchange Form – U.S. Citizens (PDF)

Likewise, Arizona residents who are eligible to enroll at Cochise College and pay in-state tuition can enroll at ITAP and pay the same tuition as students from Sonora. Arizona residents interested in studying at ITAP should call Cochise College’s International Office at (520) 417-4758.

Tuition waivers are available to students from Sonora through an agreement between the Arizona-Mexico Commission and the Comisión Sonora-Arizona. Qualifying students from Sonora who are studying in Arizona may pay in-state tuition for a maximum of two years. Students from Arizona who wish to study in Sonora have a series of educational and living options available.

For more information:
Instituto de Educacion Sonora-Arizona
Calle Guerrero # 39 entre Colosio y Sonora, Colonia Centro, C.P. 83000 Hermosillo, Sonora
Phone/Fax: (662) 289 76 00 Ext. 2401/2383
Secretaría de Educación y Cultura website

Financial Aid & Scholarships

Financial Aid

We’re here to help guide you through the financial aid process at Cochise College. First, find out the estimated cost (website) for you to attend Cochise College. All students seeking financial aid and/or scholarships will need to fill out a FAFSA and follow the rules and procedures associated with it, to include completing orientation and maintaining satisfactory progress.


The Cochise College Foundation offers scholarships and grants for our students. Many of these scholarships are not based on family income, but rather on academic potential and major. Qualification criteria include financial need, academic performance, program of study, or some combination of qualifications specified by donors.

Payment Due Dates

Term Payment Due Date
Spring 2020 Due same day you register
Summer 2020 Due same day you register
Fall 2020 Due same day you register

Failure to pay tuition or attend classes does not relieve you of your registration or financial obligation. Classes must be officially dropped by the student in accordance with the refund schedule to have tuition charges adjusted.

Late Payment

  • Deletion of your course registration
  • Financial Hold
    • Preventing future registration
    • Preventing transcripts
  • Any portion of the account that remains unpaid at the end of the semester may be subject to being sent to an outside collection agency

Policy 2019

Payment Options

All tuition and fees must be paid the day you register for classes. If you have been awarded financial aid, your registration will be retained, and you will not be dropped for non-payment. If you wish to drop, you must formally withdraw from class(es). To arrange partial payments, sign up for the online (Facts/eCashier) payment plan.

Note: Soldiers should use the GoArmyEd Portal website to arrange for Tuition Assistance.

Pay Online

You may pay online for the current semester through MyCochise or CC Account.

Accessing CC Account

Computers using restrictive firewalls, such as military and university computers, may block you from MyCochise areas and the CC Account website.

Payment Plan (eCashier)

eCashier is an interest-free payment plan that gives you the choice to make down payments and monthly payments on your tuition bill. You can make payments directly through your financial institution or by credit card. There is a $25-per-semester non-refundable enrollment fee on monthly payment plans. Enrolling online is simple, secure and easy. Connect to the eCashier website through MyCochise or CC Account.

Avoid being dropped from classes for non-payment. Review the payment plan brochure (PDF) for all of the steps in setting up your payment plan.

Payment plans will adjust automatically if changes to your schedule are made.  

Past Due Accounts

You will not be able to register for classes or receive your grades and transcripts will not be released if you owe a past due amount. You can take care of past due accounts by going to eCashier through MyCochise or CC Account, which is specifically set up to zero out past due balances. On this site, you can make a one-time payment to your student account or you can set up a payment plan. Note: eCashier cannot be used for amounts owed for Pell repayments. For Pell repayments, you must contact the Cochise College Business Office.