Student Government

All students are encouraged and invited to take an active part in Student Government. This year SGA is led by four appointed officers: President, Vice President/Treasurer, Student Programming Coordinator, and Public Relations Coordinator/Secretary. Officers are selected each spring based on an application process. SGA plans, coordinates, promotes and finances a varied program of activities and services for the entire student body through its mission and procedures outlined in its constitution (PDF).

2020-2021 District Wide Student Government Association | (520) 452-2618 or (520) 417-4115

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SGA Meetings are held weekly at 1:30pm on Monday via Zoom and are open to the public.  If you would like to add an agenda item please email us no later than noon the Thursday prior to the meeting at

SGA Weekly Zoom Meeting Link

SGA Officers’ Office Hours


2020-2021 Officers
President Luis Estrada
Vice President/Treasurer Montgomery Hodgin
Public Relations Coordinator/Secretary Julian Olsen
Student Programming Coordinator Alicia Raber
Advisors Jennifer Tagaban & Andy Espinoza