Pit Fire Festival

Pit Fire Pottery Festival - Friday, October 2, 2020, 5 p.m.

Bring the whole family!

The public is invited to the annual Cochise College Pit Fire Festival- produced by the Douglas campus Art Department. Discover a myriad of ceramics, sounds, tastes, and visual and performing artists starting at 5:00 p.m. on the Douglas Campus. The Pit Fire lighting will be around 7:00 p.m.

There will be bands, performances, art displays, vendors displaying their wares and fireworks.

2020 Pit Fire Pottery Festival

We are currently planning this year’s event. Details coming soon.

2020 Vendors:

We are currently taking applications for this year’s vendors!

Please be aware, many vendors accept only cash and there aren’t any ATMs on site.

The Pit Fire Festival may not proceed in its entirety or the Fire Lighting may be delayed in extremely windy weather if it is unsafe to do so.


Event Location

Douglas Campus | 4190 West Highway 80
Douglas, AZ 85601 | (520) 417-4025

Ceramics being baked by the pit fire.
A celebration of the arts.
Photo Gallery Website:
Photo credit-Stephen Crout

Other Local Art Events!

The Huachuca Art Association is holding their annual Art in the Park event.

Veterans Memorial Park | Sierra Vista, AZ
October 5-6 | 9 a.m.- 5:00 p.m.

Visit the Art in the Park website for more information.


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Pit Fire Festivals
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What is the Pit Fire Pottery Festival?

A pit fire is an ancient method of “baking” clay that has been placed in a hole or pit dug into the ground with a wood fire burning above, resulting in pieces covered in swirls of colors and patterns.

Cochise College celebrates this technique with a festival to celebrate the arts. All proceeds support the Cochise College art department and the clubs who participate as vendors. The event is free to attend, but you can purchase a hand-crafted ceramic bowl for $10 to fill with gourmet soup, freshly made by the college’s culinary arts club. 1000 ceramic bowls were each hand-made and uniquely crafted by an art student.

This event is an educational celebration of the arts and we are extending outreach to our community in hopes of making this happen for years to come. Whether you are a vendor, fellow artist or another school wishing to participate, we encourage you to reach out and be our partner for this great event.

More than just a pit fire, the Cochise College Pit Fire Festival represents the artistic expression of our global community. Bringing together thousands of attendees this event gives you access to a committed and growing college network from all parts of Mexico, Arizona, California, and many other states.

Individuals who support the Cochise College Art Department financially automatically become members of the Friends of the Art Department. Members who have provided contact information receive the biannual “Accolade” magazine and may be invited to special events put on by the department. Funding supports scholarships, professional development, and equipment and supplies for the Art Department. Questions may be directed to the Cochise College Foundation.

Get Involved

become a vendor.

Pit Fire Vendor Form (google form)


Annual Pit Fire Pottery Festival held on Oct. 4, 2019

The annual Pit Fire Pottery Festival will be held on Friday, October 4 starting at 5:00 p.m. on the Cochise College Douglas Campus. The festival showcases the arts and raises funds to support the Cochise College art program. The free event will feature artists, live music, performances, art displays, vendors, savory soup from the Cochise College Culinary students, and fireworks. This year, several scholarships will be awarded to art and culinary arts students. The headliner band will be Chris Kane Trio.

Each year, one talented student studying ceramics is selected to make 1000 soup bowls. Kathryn Hill, a student, attending classes on the Sierra Vista campus was chosen to design and create bowls for the festival. Hill started taking courses at the college since she was in the 11th grade. “When I took my first pottery class, I was ecstatic to learn how to use a pottery wheel,” Hill recalled. “My family is one of artists. I remember as a young child making pots and stuff out of clay and enjoying it.”

When asked about participating in this year’s pit fire festival, Hill said, “I am so honored. I hope the bowls I created inspire others to take on a project that might seem impossible. If I can make 1000 bowls then anyone can also complete a big task as I did. I want people to realize their potential.”

For $10 you can purchase the hand-crafted ceramic bowl and fill it with savory soup made by the college’s culinary arts club. This year All of the proceeds support the college’s art department and clubs who participate as vendors.

Please be aware many vendors accept only cash, and there are no ATMs on site.

The Pit Fire Lighting is scheduled to be around 7:00 p.m. Dry, windy, and unstable weather may delay the Pit Fire Lighting. On Saturday morning, students and volunteers will dig the pots out of the coals. Then they will clean and wax the art pieces. Together with other art, these will be displayed and sold at Art in the Park in Sierra Vista.